ESK8BUILDS.COM - Good way to show off your board / see other builds!

Hi, just kindly wanted to remind there is this cool website called:

So yes, to all the newcomers to the forum, also welcome to visit it and post your own build, when it is complete!

The more builds, the better!

‘Registration’ is easy and all fields dont need to be completed, just a picture is also good at times!

Though the more complete is the desciption, the better and easier for others to appreciate the build!


.builds is not a valid TLD

I think it’s


So far there’s ‘only’ 134 eboards on the site, would be cool if this number could be pushed till 500 some day!

Also possible to see lightest / fastest etc boards on site:

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I didn’t know…build uploaded…:smile:

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When I get a chance I’ll add some

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Bumpity bump!

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Bump once again.


This is my first eskate build. I got a lot of inspiration from this website so hopefully someone gets from my post too!

Deck: Airflow Slap, I shitty painted with gold spray paint which i found from my closet.

Enclosure: First i made a mold of hard foam which was easy to cut and sand. I attached the mold to the board with two-sided tape. Then I covered the mold and board with thin tape so the epoxy wouldn’t stick to the board and mold,(i forgot to order PVA release agent). I hand layed with epoxy, 3 sheets fiberglass and on top 3 sheets of carbon fiber. It was much more easy to lay fiberglass then carbon fiber. It’s hard to shape tight corners!

All the other parts I bought from I don’t now is this the right place to post this but please send me links where i should! IMG_2037 IMG_2165 IMG_2166 IMG_2167 IMG_2175 IMG_2176 IMG_2177

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Hi, there generally is esk8 builds section on forum, where u can post your build.

As I cant edit my first post anymore, then im sharing this screenshot, for others who dont want to open the link


It allows filtering of the boards, lets to see their cost, weight, range and other parameters straight away.

Site also has a collection of esk8 links / shops and other relevant info!


That is cool! First i have to wait that the snow melts here in Finland. Then i now the top speed and range. Probably gonna put my hockey equipment on when trying the top speed🙏 Thank you for your reply!

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yeh sounds good. If u register an account there u can later go and edit it and update the data…

Helps to find other people also… U can mention u are from Finland for example

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