Esk8er on Upper West Side

Hi, I’m 15 and making my first build. My dad doubts whether I would use it often and if I should spend upwards of $300-$400 on the board. Yesterday I was on my way home and I saw someone (on 94 and Columbus at around 6pm) on an esk8 and I think it was made by him. I was wondering if I could try their board (I will be around the same area at around the same time tomorrow) or another esk8ers board who is in NYC? This would be really helpful, because, I do agree with my dad that it is definitely worth riding one, even if just for half a block, before making a $700+ board.

@michaeld33 is in NY

I’m in NYC, but I rarely get up to 94th. Lately I’ve been working out of my LIC office. If you’re willing to make the trek down, you’re welcome to try out one of my boards.

Upper West Side represent…

That might be a little far, but maybe on a weekend, I’ll dm you if/when I could.