Esk8ing at school

So I go to a highschool in the suburbs and i want to bring my board to school. I have done this a few times and got away with it. The board is mainly to go get food after school before the after school activities start. I was wondering if and one had some knowledge on this or tips. My board does fit in my locker.

Well my high school days are long gone now, but some things to consider to keep it all cool at school

-don’t ride in any hallways, just looking to get in trouble and have it banned -wear a helmet to show any faculty that you value your brain and safety -I would even carry it off school property and start riding it there. Schools are public places and insurance is paid for by tax payers…they definitely don’t want any injuries on premises. You could try riding out on the grounds but if anything happens…bye bye ability to ride there… Maybe even the ability bring it in the school.

Just remember it’s better to be safe rather than sorry. Once that privilege (not right) is gone…it’s a lot harder to get it back.


@im-done I agree w everything @Nismo said. I’d add a secondary padlock to your locker for added theft protection. Always wear a helmet and resist the temptation to show off the board on school grounds. Keep low-profile and be polite with it. Also, if it’s a DIY board, be certain that your batteries are stable so that you don’t have a fire hazard.

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I ride mine to school everyday, but once I’m there I put it away and leave it until I leave

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I always drain my lipos to 3.8v and charge at 3/4c to 1/2c so im not concerned with the lipos. I always wear a helmet because i have had way to many concussions. If i got in touble, like board being confiscated i was going to say its for the science fair, or the robotics club. I fo keep a lock on my locker and my school does not provide locks. The only thing is the helmet does not fit in the locker.

You could just carry the helmet around with you, it wont look suspicious

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I remember my high school would be a bitch and open your lockers for “drug searches” and some kids (not me) would have their locks broken and all their shit in the locker would be “missing”. So back then I would just put my old downhill longboard in the teachers lounge.

What kind of helmet are you using? Full face one? Like @NNGG said, maybe talk to a teacher to ask if you could put it in their lounge. It would show you are being responsible and not trying to “hide” anything and they wouldn’t be surprised by it. Even when you take it to school, some teachers (being one myself now) don’t notice things right away. Rather than catch a teacher on a bad day who just decides to report you…you can tell them you’ve been forward with it the whole time. Don’t need to do it every time, but shows that you are being transparent. All depends on how much of a hard ass you think faculty is/might be.
The fact that you are even doing "homework"to see what you can do , shows you care enough.

Just make sure the room is only for that one teacher. Dont want some other teacher to use the room and let psycho kids in

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Thanks for all ths help and tips i went great and the teachers loved it and wanted to know about it!


Do you ride it on school property? I just built mine this summer, and will soon be debuting it come this senior year. I noticed it says “no skateboards” on a sign there so I’m a bit nervous on what to expect.

so im graduated now so i could careless of what my school thinks, but they where pretty cool with me skating to school as long as i did not ride it in the school. I would ride it to the door get off than walk with it to my locker. After school i would walk it out side than hop on and ride. I always made sure to have a helmet and obey traffic laws so they had no room to complain.