Esk8Squad Future Racing events - Organizing Now

As of now, looking to gauge interest and organize riders and future Esk8Squad specific races at different locations

Keeping it as basic as I can to help begin the process of organizing. There is a FB page for each wheeI type. I know some of do not have Facebook. I’ll create a simple signup sheet so you can be added to one or both basic categories. In the future, there will be further categories that will help evenly match boards and riders against each other.

At this time @psychotiller is a mod on both AT riders and ST riders pages on Facebook

AT Boards - All-Terrain Esk8 Racing League Track/Off road

ST Boards - Esk8 Street League - Track

There is another page Esk8 Racing International which @MoeStooge is Mod which deals with other Racing options

Please join up on FB … Help me get the word out and get organized. Please share with anyone you kmow.


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There is a fantastic place at the Cruise Terminal on Pier 27 in San Francisco. The parking lot has this triangular shape where we did a couple of laps with our BAEsk8 Group last month. I think this could be a nice track for a future race circuit.



The parking spots area inside the ‘triangle’ could be use as the intermiadiate circuit and the exterior lines as the speedier straights, more or less as the Indianapolis oval race track was configured for the Formula 1 US GPrix circuit.