Eskate PTSD (it's a thing?)

A little background on me before I share my story, I built my first board a year ago 6s lipo 260kv single drive, was obsessed from the first ride but unfortunately it got run over by a car, no biggie, time to upgrade. Bought everything to make the best of the best and now I ride a 190kv dual on 90mm abecs with a 10s3p 30q pack. The problem is that even tho I spent top dollar on everything I got kinda ripped off on a nano winning remote from diy at $60, I thought I was getting the best but apparently not. What happened was about a week ago I was in a rush to run up town so I hopped on my board and off I went, no different than any other day, coming up to my turn pretty fast I went to slow down and went flying off my board l, head bounced off the pavement and got rashed up pretty bad down my backside. Couldnt figure out what the hell I did wrong, I’ve got close to 800 logged miles on my board and was a pretty hardcore skater all of my teens (33 now). I shrugged it off and a few days later I was back on the board only this time I noticed whenever I applied just a little bit of brake they just about locked up and almost threw me off again, the whole ride was like that and I thought my remote was broken since it hit the ground but then I put 2 and 2 together and realized that’s what happened when I ate shit the other day. The next time I went for a ride it was like normal, mind you i always calibrate the remote with full throttle full brake before it pairs. So I played around with it a little bit and it was very sporadic the way it connected, sometimes it did it sometimes it didn’t. Then there was a few times where as soon as the remote paired my motors went full throttle. Needless to say I ordered a mini remote but for the first time in my life I’m actually afraid of something so small and dont even enjoy my current rides, scared to go over 10mph, scared to hit the brakes and scared to even ride not knowing if my remote is gonna send an involuntary full throttle on me at random. It’s absolutely amazing how much trust we put into our remotes, 33mph is stupid fast on a skateboard and even the tiniest blip in throttle or brake signal and you’re eating pavement for sure. You can bet your ass this remote is going in the garbage. I apologize for the long story on the simple subject. Be safe out there guys.20180814_193846


You need to calibrate that remote everytime your turn it off. Push foward, pull backwards, turn on your board

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Heck yeah it’s a thing. Trauma comes from all sorts of things. It takes time for people to recover from traumatic events and everyone recovers differently and the length varies. However if you experience trauma and still want to ride, the best thing to do is ride as soon as you’re willing and able to.

Other things that help with traumatic events is experiencing those events in a less traumatic way. For example this would be practice falling at lower speeds with the proper gear. That way your muscle memory can react in a similar manner in the future.


Its a bad remote with alot of problems. For 60$ you expect more.

I’m kind of the same way - my NanoX battery ran out the other day and the board was braking strangely. I blipped the throttle just a touch and the board went full throttle and shot out from under me. Took a couple of weeks for that big bruise on my hip to go away.

The thing is I have 3 of those remotes and only 1 has this problem. The rest the battery lasts a long time. So I stopped using that remote.

But I totally get what you’re saying - I’m afraid to go fast anymore. I’ve realized that falling is just part of skating and I might be too old to endure that.

this is really interesting b/c ive noticed my braking with the nano remote isnt always consistent. Kinda makes me want to get a mini 2.4ghz, BUT i really dont want something bigger.

Been running Nanox and Nano varient remotes for more than a year on 5+ builds plus my Raptor 1 and 2 and I never had a problem with the remote except for one that I dropped and broke the power switch on one occasion and on the other the ground for the battery yanked it self off the PCB after a fall not the remotes fault and I fixed it relatively easy.

I did have problems with my V1 nano, coming up to an intersection I tried to slow down and I had no brakes nothing worked then all of a sudden I have full brakes… I took me months to fully recover from that knee injury and I wear way more protection ever since.

BTW after that V1 nano incident it did take me some time before I developed confidence again but the trick is to get back on and keep riding your confidence will come back. Just make sure you fix that problem first.


No but esk8 FOMO is.

Used to be a pretty fast rider until I started getting cutouts in NYC, took me around a month to get my confidence back. Apparently the cutouts were due to new cameras in the city, inboard and metroboard also had these problems. But now there hasn’t been a cutout for around a week. (Mini remote btw)

Calibration on that remote is crucial, it may be part of the reason you are having issues. Otherwise that remote gets stronger signal than Maytechs and almost the same as GT2B.

We had cutouts with maytech remotes in busy cities and intersections. This winning nano w2 remote never has issues now.

Did you check to see if the pins were connected to the receiver all the way in? I know it sounds like a very simple check, but i had that exact problem and resolved it by pushing in the pins into the receiver. My theory is that it wasn’t plugged in fully and the vibration or deck mess with it a bit, just double check. If not, you can always buy the receiver on Alibaba and replace it. That’s what great about the Winning V2, its basically a Nano X and the receiver or remote can be switched out interchangeably.

Regarding your PTSD, its definitely a thing. After 4 separate incidents, from falling at 30+mph (because of a staples puncturing my wheel) to hitting a car and bouncing off of 3 cars behind that car, i’ve really looked at Eskate differently. But i recovered, slowly. That’s why paddings and helmet are so important, they saved me from a lot of road rash and wounds.

I tried the nano v1 remote for a min and went right back to my RC mini which aside from the GT2B, is the most reliable remote to my knowledge. It also has exceptional range. I have been maybe 40-50’ from my board and still had control of it. It’s fail safe is also very reliable and it only needs to be paired and calibrated once.

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def a thing. Any intelligent rider is going to remember what happened and be hesitant to have it appen again. I’ve never fallen for the same reason twice, unfortunately there are many ways one can eat shit :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Pad up and stay safe!

I have 8 mini remotes, they are pretty cheap and it is the most reliable one out there. I ride with confidence everywhere since I started on this hobby a couple if years ago

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this is a wacky remote plain and simple, I’ve been flying wings for quite a few years now and it’s the same principle with them throttle max/throttle min on start up, the actual calibration is done through the esc max/min ppm input gives it a baseline. How exactly can you be calibrating if the remote is off tho?

After it almost happened a second time i went through everything trying to figure it out, even reconfigured it in the vesc tool and put a ferrite ring on the cable for good measure, through trial and error i found if im at least 5 feet from the board (standing up with the board on the ground) while pairing it seems normal but im still not gonna trust it, nothing worse than riding with a death grip on your remote trying to brake and gas with just a cunt hair of trigger in fear of your remote going bipolar on you again, maybe it just doesnt like me :rofl:


Yeah i think ill be happier with a trigger style too, the ergonomics of the nano just doesnt fit my hand the way i want it to, im always adjusting it in my hand while riding

From what i gather on here their a love/hate type of thing, unfortunately for me i got what i thought was best on the market at $60 (before realizing there a $10 chinese remote) and now its acting up, could be the reciever too who knows but after the experience ive had im just ready to move away from it and try a few other options

You read the post right?