Eskateboards blow my mind

Hi everyone, I wanted to introduce myself and let you all know how excited I am to find this forum.

A week ago I was out for a walk with my family and saw a kid on a skateboard coming in the opposite direction. I noticed he was coming uphill…then I noticed he wasn’t pushing. I had never seen this before, and I immediately went home and looked up electric skateboards, and haven’t been able to think about much else since.

I saw some boards I wanted to buy, but figured I could probably build one and then found this forum. It’s informative and I’m loving the mentality here (build a better quality board vs buy the hype … yeah, I almost pulled the trigger on a gtr that first day lol).

So I’m learning the terminology and trying to understand the basics before I start planning a build, but I’m looking forward to sharing my progress when the time comes.


Welcome, most people have migrated to this fourm.


Thanks dude.

Wait till it blows the money out of your wallet :joy:

PS welcome aboard!

i don’t know where you come from but where i come from (germany) we don’t have that many months to drive an esk8. Should it be the same for you, I recommend you simply buy a Chinese hub board for 400-500€ and take advantage of the summer months. As soon as the winter comes I would start with the planning and realisation phase of your DIY.


Lol it’s a new obsession for sure. I’m hoping to keep it around 2k, but I can picture myself going way over budget

That’s a great idea, thank you. I’m in New England, so I have approximately 6-8 months with no snow. I’m in a pretty rural area too so I’m interested in an all terrain setup (that gets me thinking… I’ve never seen anyone do it, but I wonder if an AT board can ride on snow trails??)

It’s not that, you buy into it thinking youll have one board but than, you end up having , 2,3,4,5… Boards. And in financial ruins

Psst. Don’t ruin the experience lol. Thankfully my family duties is holding me in check else I’d be going full blast with esk8ing doing builds to my financial limits. Muahaha. :rofl:

thats what everyone thinks… :smiling_imp: