Eskating beast falcon or dual beast - the flex question

Hi everyone,

I’m new to this. Trying to figure out what board to buy. It needs to have power and reasonable range. I live in areas with smooth and poor roads as well, love to take trips to the woods but also need to commute. I figured I would need two boards a portable one for commuting and a real beast, kind of a hybrid one für fun where I can ride inflated 6,5 inch wheels as well es 97mm. I eventually ran into eskating and I am amazed. The little one is no option. But I like the beast falcon and the dual beast. I was gonna build one from Trampa and E-toxx - so awesome - but now I think with eskating I could give it a try to buy a ready assembled board or two. Do I miss something? The only thing that bothers me is the flex of both of the two beasty boards. Thanks for sharing you thoughts. Cheers.

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What do you mean?

I was wondering if the deck is flexible enough like evolve or boosted … sry should have been more precise in my description.

No it is not. If you want a fast board it is better if it is stiff. The Landyacthz Evo and Falcon are downhill oriented boards thus really stiff. The Loaded deck on the boosted is basically dangerous a speeds above 40-45km/h and the same goes for the evolve combined with the dual pivot trucks. I have a board that started it’s life as a dual beast. I have made some upgrades to it in order to get it to where I want it. Here it is in its current form. IMO a board should not be used with both pneumatics and urethane wheels as it will be too high or too low to the ground with one of these options. Having tried both and with the variable quality of our roads, pneumatics win it for me.

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Awesome - this is exactly what I have in mind when I say hybrid. What wheels are this u’re using? I know there is a coherency between speed and deck stability - a safety matter. But I like to right a flexy one I’m afraid. I will go with harder wheels lipped and centered and of course harder bushings too but the deck has to spring a little bit. Is there a video of somebody jumping on the beast so I can see the flex?

I totally agree. That’s why I will need two boards. But sometimes you know there is a really smoothy road to where you wanna go and than you need torque and speed … and 97s …

Mate I run an evo with 97’s just fine with no clearance issues at all so you should be able to swap them back and forth. Go for the bigger motors though.

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I’ve built around the falcon deck myself and tackled the lack of flex with shock pads and giant 107mm wheels but while the ride comfort is decent I really miss the flexibility of previous production boards I have had.

I’m just about to start building into a hummie deck for a bit of flex, there’s not much in it for a normal person but I’m a pretty heavy chap. The bonus of the hummie deck is that the cut out means your enclosure can be super slim (Using @bigben’s enclosure). So I can use both pneumatics and the thanes. My pneumatics will be 125mm and the 107mm superflys are the other wheel. So there’s not much in it height wise and with a bit of design magic I’ll be able to swap them over Evolve style in 5 mins.

This represents the best of both worlds for me personally. Quite honestly, the falcon might get benched once this is built.


Will this do? I weigh 78kg.

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thanxalotta - yes that flex would do. this is not the original beast deck, is it? this one you got from Landyacthz, right?

thx - where to see this? My weight is 82 kg …

This is the deck and enclosure that came on the dual beast. It is exactly the same as if you get it direct from Landyachtz. I like it so much, I bought a second one just in case

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Yeah I love those low riders too … can’t imagine riding a sky scraper board

It depends on the riser pads. Currently I only have a 7mm riser pad. If I were to do that with 97mm wheels and my double stacked enclosure it would be too low. Ridable, but a little too close to the tarmac for comfort.

This is how I felt when riding an evolve board with 8" MBS wheels.

Mines a single stack so I only run a 3mm riser for vibration. IMG_1053


You have one of Alan’s enclosures. This thing is a beauty. I would love to get one too but with shipping and import taxes it will end up costing me a fortune. Not to mention that I would have to get the double stacked one because there is no way I can fit my 12S5P + Bestech discharge BMS in the single one. Then I would have all that unused space so would have to upgrade my battery to a 12S7P or go with 4WD. You get the picture…:joy:

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Yeah feel that bro lol that enclosure alone cost me 300 aus delivered. The deck and x things the same. When I got that evo they were unavailable everywhere. So worth it though. I only just get my 12s4 and dual focboxes in there because of that giant discharge bestech. It was always going to be a thane build though so 4p was well enough range for me. My favourite build to date though.

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Here’s the deck

Here it is on thane

Here’s Bens complete on 6 shooters