stopped responding - haven't received item

Hey there. I’ve ordered this item on the 25th of february with a shipping method stating to take 3-14 days. It’s now been 35 days. I’ve contacted them though email after 22 days with the respond that the postage might take longer… Screenshot_23

I then after 31 days contacted them again, this time with no respons. Screenshot_24

Anyone know if there is someone here from that can assist one a bit faster? I really need need my belt to be able to skate again. Thanks Martin

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@fottaz one of your customers need help


Doesn’t this break forum rules? :-/

Not sure, no criticism has been said, only facts that could leads to judgement, but they are facts Obviously PM would be better, but OP (like myself) must have no idea who contact here


Ordered 29th february, shiping says picked up 7 march
I live in switzerland, what crap of logistic is that?

@directC @myhrmans

@fottaz is the owner of please try to contact him first via PM if not done yet.


Similar situation here. I was (still am actually) looking for an enclosure and really liked the slim enclosure on Sent two emails to query additional information and have yet to receive a reply. This was around 20 days ago, maybe less. Glad I didn’t place an order.

You can try to contact him via Watsap.

Yes WhatsApp him.

TBH the belts are the kind of stuff you can buy on regular supplies stores such as RS

Yeah, he has not been active here since feb. What is his WhatsApp?

Hi everybody! Very sorry for the situation, I have not stopped and I’m trying to reply as fast as possible to all requests, with more than 30 pending orders, a new eskating base to arrange, and all this alone is getting me in delay with everything. I had a big moving of all stuff for eskating and my house too in the last weeks.

I’m going to write something as alert on the website, please just be patient and I’ll do my best to reply all emails and messages during the following days.

I cannot hide that is a super hard and busy moment for me, for eskating too.

For any info about orders and shipment, I need your order number to see how is doing., but write me in private please, is better to avoid sharing others emails because of privacy I think.



Clearup for everyone

My package was sent back by the swiss customs, bc of battery restrictions -> there is only a charger in the package, NO BATTERY!!!

Alberto now sent it to a shipping station in Germany

@fottaz Thanks for the friendly support! :slight_smile:


weird, even if it was a battery, I was able to ship and receive a 10s4p no problem in switzerland Swiss custom is very annoying

Man Swiss customs… or lets say every gd custom on this earth. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

12s4p from torqueboards, no problem at all. Raptor 2.1, three attemps failed to ship my replacement board but first board from china no problems, me shipping the board to germany, no issue. 12s4p from pjotr via ups on the way soon… hoping…

Its all totally random!




The three devil letters :joy: If somebody ever want to send me something, please not with UPS :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ok to be fair in US and EU they seem to work well but they totally can’t manage the russian customs. Idk why but I had always only problems or I needed to pay a lot of extra fees.

Hope with your battery all will be good! Shouldn’t be a trouble maker :sweat_smile:

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yeah, i received 300 cells from nkon without a problem
why can’t we just abandon borders? everything would be so much easier. and more human


Ups here are more expensive but super reliable for me in the past. Ive ordered hundreds of airsoft packages from the us, china and japan and I can’t recall any going wrong.

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Undeliverable Parcel Service

Hi Alberto! @fottaz

I have ordered an package at on may 5th 2019. I have paid the same day but my order has not been processed yet. It has been more than two weeks now and have not heard anything. Could you please contact me or give me an status update? I am very worried something is wrong. My order number is #12100. I have sent severaleE-mails and hoped to get a response this way. I am a new user to this forum so unfortunatly I can not PM you. Thats why I tried this way.

Kind greetings,

Silvan Fokkens

My order took like 2 weeks to process aswell, he’s just very busy at the moment I’m sure it will be sent soon