Eskating Motor 6374 makes annoying sounds on cracks

Hi guys, I bought one of the eskating 6374 Motors and the first look was awesome but no I am super disappointed… When I am driving over some cracks the motor makes a super loud metallic sound. It sounds like the motor is crushing on the floor or something. I checked everything 3 times, All screws are tight, the motor has a lot of space to the ground, nothing is loose…

I heard a lot of loose magnets and stuff like this. How can I make sure everything is ok? I can’t believe this is normal. My super cheap ebay 6364 Motor didn’t make this sound ever. It really sounds like there is something loose inside the motor or whatever. What should I do now?


Try wiggling the can… sounds like the grubscrews holding it to the shaft might be loose.

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I find it interesting that you only hear it over “some” cracks.

When I know I busted a magnet, it was usually from some kind of impact, it rattles around there over EVERYTHING.

You can dissemble the metal can from the motor to inspect. Do you have a pic?

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The screws are tight. The can is also fix. BUT I can pull the can a little bit backwards… is this normal?

This is not normal, looks like the circlip has play on the shaft (groove is too big). Bridge the gap between pulley and circlip with shim spacers and press the pulley against the motor when tightening the grub screw. This should solve your problem.

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Here u can see it in more detail

Hey man,before you go pulling it all apart, realise you can’t repair it and thereby void your warranty, get in touch with the vendor and see what they can do for you. If you open it forget it they won’t do anything for you.

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I ll not open it.

But why do u think I. How they ll find out I opened it? The motors are never sealed or something :sweat_smile:. Anyway I ll not open it until I get the ok from I already wrote them Per WhatsApp. I hope they ll answer tomorrow morning.

Thanks for the help guys!

There is no way you can back out a screw without signs. Trust me they will know. I would. Good luck with it and hopefully it gets resolved.

Thanks! I hope too… I am Super disappointed. The motors are not cheap and I expected good quality.

Do you have video on your issue where your motor makes sounds sometimes?

Unfortunately, braking motor magnets is part of esk8. Not convinced if that motor “pull” is the issue that cause sound.

Keep us posted on your warranty service.

It should not be. Far too many people pull motors apart when they should be relying on warranty. Only way the quality might improve is vendors getting sick of returns/bad rep and influencing the manufacturer.


+1 on extern retaining ring. Buy another one and slip it on. Otherwise you can put a spacer ring in between

There is user error when installing brushless motors mounted on skate trucks. User error could lead to broken magnets because of improper placement of motors. Vendors should not have to cover those examples.

Some vendors sell drive trains with motors mounted, instead of just motors separately. If one of those motors “sometimes” makes noise then I believe vendor is liable.

What kind of warrantities are there for esk8 motors? 90 Days?

User error + broken magnets would usually leave a mark I would say (motor slamming against pavement). I don’t see how loose magnets could be caused by the customer otherwise.

Warranty in the EU is 1 year at least, believe it or not. Some resellers will tell you otherwise. Common answers/you have manufacturer warranty, means you have to ship it back to China at a high cost. In Europe, that’s not allowed.

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I got some spare washers from another motor and a “simmerring-Zange” to open the motor. I ll wait for, maybe they want the motor Back for more research or whatever.

Anyway. When I buy an expensive motor in EU, I expect good quality and and some kind of quality control. I hope this was just an one-time problem and get the motor replaced directly. The motor is brand new and just arrived yesterday. Is here in the forum?

Thanks for help guys!

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They usually respond quickly via their website chat during office hours (if they haven’t turned it off).

Yes @fottaz is here for

I have the exact same problem with a HK SK3 6374 :frowning:


I just bought a 192kv sk3 because I thought it’s a quality motor that wouldn’t to that.