Estate parts market locked

I want to sell parts of my eskate but I can’t post in the parts market.

What do I have to do to unlock it?

You need to gain trust level. More on trust levels here


What trust level does one need to gain?

trust level grandma. At the moment you are trust level creepy uncle who just got out of jail. Time my friend.


You’ve got to put in to take out. Basically it is protection against scammers & amoralistic, zero-reputation people who may embellish their wares acual condition or function, sell here then vaporise.

Wanna sell your esk8 parts here? no fees but you have to contribute. It’s a super deal


It is indeed a good deal indeed, the only thing is I want to stop eboarding.

The police already gave me a ticket of 250 euros and 2 weeks later my BMS from my modded evolve board breaks and they won’t fix or replace it.

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What are you selling

Stick around, and for kicks find out how to repair it which will allow you to get a much better price or at least by that time sell it here

A evolve ESC, 10s 5p flat flex battery pack van Samsung 30Q 18650’s, 2 racerstar 200kv motors and some more accessories.

are you sure your esc didn’t blow cause I think evolve uses the same motors as racerstar but they are at 140kv which could cause issues but also easy to fix

Hi ! Which country did you get this 250 euros tickets in, please ? Why so much ?

Holland, the eskates are forbidden here.

Although that actually was kind of a soft one, driving a not insured vehicle here can cost tickets of 550 euros plus. Also they are allowed to confiscate the vehicle.

Ok, thank you for the informations.