ETOXX - A little support for our bro

Hey folks,

Everyone here and there know Jenso @nowind and how great he transformed the electric mountainboard scene. He’s not only really talented but also … really nice to everyone… and also like to put ESCs on fire !!! Everytime I got my youtube notification that Jens has posted something… I know this is gonna be huge and epic moment.

I read that he was temporary out of business for a little amount of time because his wife has some health issues. I don’t know a lot more as this is personal matters but I think we should all support him.

I know the world is not only about money; but it could be a tangible way to show him how much we support him. He may not be rich at the end of the day but if this can bring him a champagne bottle to celebrate when everything will hopfelly be back to normal that could be great.

So who’s in?


i’m not a jenso-etoxx customer but i’ve a lot of respect for his work and all his efforts to the community, I hope his wife will be fine very soon!

i don’t know if i can go because of work, but i would like to help to pay some present or something :wink:


I’m in this is a great idea :slight_smile: how do we want to do it?


I’m down as well. Haven’t actually bought any of his stuff…yet (need more $$$), but he’s been a great resource to the community and quite the entertaining and inspirational innovator with all of his videos and projects.

@nowind Sending good vibes your way. I hope your wife gets better soon.


on my side, I could:

  • donate all the donation of the SPARKLE directly to his paypal account (actually 3x10€) + all the future ones.
  • donate around 50€ (don’t know if the amount is appropriate; any thoughts?)

sorry to put everything around money; if you have any ideas just throw them here!

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I’ll donate $50 usd


great, let’s make it happen. Does anyone have Jenso @nowind paypal? JENS at E-TOXX.COM ?

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Fersure, I’ll throw in with you guys. Yeah, his paypal is [email protected]



  • Donation done. 30€ (sparkle donations as of today) + 50€.
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So are we doing this as a group donation or something? How’s this goin down?


Well, for this I suggest that everyone that wants to donate; goes individually through his paypal addy. This is what I just did; not sure we need “a man in the middle” for this. Don’t forget to throw him also a warm support message in paypal comment !


Hey. Cant believe what i see here… was not online for longer time… I´m lost for words… i´m really touched ! Shown my wife this tread, she started crying within seconds … Thousend Thanks from her too!

Let me shortly giving an update :

We actually are lucky under the given circumstances : The pulmonary cancer has not spread, so a surgery was possible. Last week they removed the carcinoma with about 20% of her lung. The surgery go according to plan, she is getting better every day.

Trying to get back to normal life now… something like this changes everything.

So let me say again sorry for not getting back to peoples Emails and questions.

Also let me thank you again for this amazing support you started here :pray: We will buy a big bottle of Champagne as suggested and drink a toast on you guys!



Thank god, i hope she is feeling much better in the weeks to come!
Fuck cancer


Thank you Bara. Fuck cancer!


Please dont send more money, cant drink champagne everyday :blush: Thank you again and again ! Jenso


@Nowind Fuck Cancer, Wish I could help out more but glad to hear your wife is doing better! Thanks for your support. I sent you some money regardless!


Thank you so much! Le me know if i can help you anytime!


I’m so happy to hear that she is doing well. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you.


ye cancer rly sucks man i hope it is going better now

a friend of my was tolt about 2 weeks ago that he wil not make his next birthday he hase a tumor in his brains that is now to big that they can do any ting about it i hope i wil not come this far i ur case best regards gijs

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Sorry to hear about your friend Bro. Feeling with you. Fuck cancer!