ETOXX Helicals v. Trampa Helicals

Here is my review of trampas gear drive with helicals compared to the etoxx gear drive also with helicals. I own both at the moment and have abused both to the point where I can give an honest review. Also looking at mostly positives given that both drives are very well made. Also, Trampa and Jenso are amazing support when your need them, even if you dont buy their products they will help you :grimacing:

Trampa Helical Drive: - Please ignore the bad filming and just try to listen :slight_smile:

  • Able to use 9in hubs
  • Comes with rock guard
  • Carbon mounting panels are slightly lighter
  • Just as loud as their straight cut gears (louder than belt drive)
  • Less resistance when costing compared to belts

ETOXX Helical Drive:

  • SUPER SILENT (much quieter than a belt drive)
  • Needs MACHINED trampa truck
  • Almost no resistance when costing(did I mention no sound? :slight_smile: )
  • Easier to install (maybe this is just me :smiley: )
  • 8in hubs only
  • More ground clearance compared to trampa
  • no motor guard(I like it because it makes the whole drive appear smaller)
  • V-ring keeps dust out and seems to fit and seal better than trampas - Again, try to ignore the camera manā€™s filming skills(not focused on the drive most of the time)ā€¦just to get an idea of the sound and torque this little drive makes.

In the end, IMO E-Toxx has taken the win. Trampas drive and products are all very well made with very durable and good looking materials, but things could still be improved in the way of noise and size.

The extra ground clearance that the ETOXX drive is a game changer for me; someone who constantly rides over large gravel which always used to bottom out on both of Trampas drives(gear and belt). I was also looking for a silent ride with the helicals and got just that with ETOXX.

Thank you @Trampa and @NoWind for providing the community with such amazing quality products, and thank your both for promoting the DIY way of Eboarding :slight_smile:

Stay safe everyone.


You can get an adapter for 9 IN wheels AFAIK for the e-toxx drive.

There is also a different aspect to all of this. I think itā€™s important to support the company who strives to explore new possibilities and introduces innovative solutions. Jens/e-toxx deserves all the recognition.


Donā€™t forget Dufman


whatā€™s the price difference?

9" are usually wider and you canā€™t easily mount them on a system designed for 8". The axle is simply not long enough. The 9" Megastar is designed differently and will therefore fit in combination with our drives. We matched the parts to allow 8" and 9" hubs on the very same drive.

Trampa Gears are designed with a 1:6 reduction (more is always better). In general straight cut gears have advantages over helicals, since you can transfer more torque. Helical gears only touch in one sliding point, so contact in between material is limited (therefore less noise). Straight cut gears have contact over the entire width of the gear and there is less pressure on the POM gear material, since the pressure is is distributed over a larger surface area. Racing cars have straight cut gears for a reasonā€¦ Another thing that needs to be considered: Helicals create a side thrust. The higher the angle, the more silent, the more side thrust, which puts strain on the motor and wheel bearings. Every coin has two sidesā€¦ To catch the sideway oriented loads we have two extra bearings in our system.

I might cut some silent gears for the ones wanting silence over performance. We can offer them at a reasonable price as an upgrade kit.


Well saidā€¦trampa is still a follower and mass producer

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Good info Frank, I do understand helicals cause more stress, so the only real reason to go helical is if it makes the drive silent, so I am not sure why trampa would make a helical setup if it wasnā€™t silent compared to its straight cut counterpartā€¦does being silent really cut performance?? I havent noticed any loss in torque with a silent more compact driveā€¦has there been any real tests done which compared thoroughly helicals vs striaght cut gears and their effects on Eboards in the long term?

Honestly I feel am getting better performance because I am not bottoming out on rocks anymore with the 1:4 Etoxx driveā€¦yes it may be slightly less efficient battery wise and the motor may wear a bit fasterā€¦but the question is by how much. At this point I can tell you that I have not noticed any drop in performance with the smaller silent gear drive.


I support both. They both have good products.

This is literally just a review comparing the two(IMO)ā€¦Chill

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$100 I think

etoxx vid has dogā€¦ gets my vote :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Iā€™m chill. Where did I flip?

Just highlighting a side that is hidden to many newcomers. I love my trampa, wish I had MBS trucks on them and am using an e-toxx drive. The best board is a mixture of brands and parts. The best thing for this community is knowing where your parts come from and supporting innovation.

Kind of takes the mountain out of mountain board. I have already scraped the hell out of my E-toxx (fixed with some tpu skid pads) and destroyed one cover plate. Kind of have to use 9 inch for larger drives, such as the Trampa.

This is personal, might be fine for others with dirt roads.


Even with 1:6 and dual 6378 motors some people run into over temperature when they are 80+ Kg and face steep hills in a hot climate. It takes them a while to figure out how to ride more efficiently. 1:4 works for 65 kg guys in moderate temperature with only a few small hills to climb and a thumb not always in full power position. It all depends on your weight, ride style, climate, environment, hills etc. Horses for coursesā€¦

I have trampaboard s with E-TOXX heli gears on both my boards. The 4x4 I have changed from 6384s APS motors to 6880s 140kv maytech sealed.untested as yet. The 2wd is 6384s 200kv APS motors E-TOXX heli gears MBS trucks. My favourite board the power is hill I canā€™t get up. Iā€™m 90kg.running lipo tattu 12000-18000-22000 batteries. Just lots of funā€¦

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The e-toxx drive is 1:5. They have a 1:4 and 1:6 something for MBS trucks.

My weight is 120 KG incl. gear. 6374 149 KV.

Full throttle up-hill (and off-road) has not been an issue at all. After more than 2500 km, my motors start to sound a bit rough, but then they are 86 euro a piece. I doubt the high summer temperatures killed them (can hold the motor can for about 3 seconds before it starts to hurt). More likely, itā€™s been the mud/snow/rain.


@Nowind Is is possible to have the MBS - 8/50 MAXI GEAR DRIVE or MBS - 8/40 GEAR DRIVE with straight cut gears instead of helical gears? I donā€™t mind the noise and would like to spare the bearings.


No the 8T Spur we have as helical only. What do you mean ā€œspare the bearingā€ ?

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sorry, itā€™s google translationā€¦ I meant I wanted to prevent the bearings from being destroyed because of side thrust created by helical gears.

I dont see that coming. This outrunners where designed for axial loads from day one. Build for rc airplanesā€¦ lots of axial load


Good point youā€™re right!

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We are running helical gears in many different drives since almost 2 years now. In this time we destroyed many many things but never a motor bearing. The axial force induced by a helical gear is quite low compared to the radial force and therefore no problem for a normal bearing, which always tolerates a good amount of axial force.