(EU) 12mm/15mm Wheel Pulley for 100mm MBS All Terrain Wheels


Does anyone in EU have 12mm or 15mm wheel pulleys? Im using 100mm mbs all terrain wheels.

A couple of 275mm belts would also be nice! :slight_smile:



I am using these on my 100mm MBS which were made by @JuniorPotato93 and am quite happy with them. Not Pulley, but files for printing:

Okay, I’ll se if I can use the 3D printer at my school. Would PLA filament work?

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Sorry, can’t answer that question because I’m a noob when it comes to 3D printing. Mine are made of PETG with 100% infill.

My PLA pullies lasted a full commute to my house before braking

Ok, well thats a no then…