[EU] 12s8p Battery building project

Hello everyone

I am thinking of building my first battery. I will use Molicel p42a. I need your help on the following:

  1. What BMS should I choose ? charge only or discharge as well. How many amps ? Brand ? Any links appreciated (especially from EU)

  2. Which spot welder to buy ? I want something cheap since it is going to be used only for one battery, and also if there is a version to plug it in the wall socket instead of having to buy extra batteries. I will be using 0.2mm nickels. Also links if possible

  3. I need the battery to charge fast, so if you can suggest some good chargers. Links also !!

If possible to give me links either from EU stores or from banggood or aliexpress

Thank you

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Your question on this forum is much more reasonable than the other one haha

  1. Daly BMS are very popular for their small size and affordable cost. LLT Smart BMS are popular because their are “smart BMS” that have some extra functionality with the ability to see the cell voltages and set a bunch of parameters in an app. You can find LLT BMS at the following: https://www.lithiumbatterypcb.com/product-instructionev-battery-pcb-boardev-battery-pcb-board/ev-battery-pcb-board/smart-bms-of-power-battery/

Some people sell DALY BMS, I don’t really feel like finding the links on Aliexpress so I’ll just tag the two people I know that sell them


  1. Kweld and Malectrics are very good, but not cheap. The Flipsky spot welder is decent from what I hear. You could try that out. The Kweld has a capacitor bank that you can plug into the wall but it’s more money. Sunkko plug into the wall but take a lot of power and can have reliability issues. Probably would recommend trying to borrow one or buy a battery from someone

  2. YZ power on Aliexpress has great chargers for decent prices. I only use their chargers, don’t really know who else sells them. You can find that on Aliexpress by searching for the YZPower store.

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Thank you for replying !! Charge only or discharge as well ? What do you think?

Most of us just run charge only, discharge costs more money and typically doesn’t really add too much value