[EU] 2019 Esk8 Events - Gauging Interest

In the last time a lot of events took place in the US. From all I have seen it looked like a lot of fun. So what I want? I want some events in 2019 for all of us living in the EU or close by.

I´m not saying I can oganize an event, but I want to get the ball rolling and to find out the real interest should be the first step into the right direction.

If you like this idea and ready to join an EU event than please push the like button and leave a comment with your thoughts about it -location -time -how you could help organizing -etc…

I know there is a big Esk8 community in France doing group rides and other events. Maybe @okp has some tips for us too :wink:


As you said, the location should be where the esk8 community is bigger. Also where the law is still grey area, the weather is good, the pavement also good. Date wise, European summer. Between June-August


I like the idea, the biggest group ride so far were three people :smiley:


The legal situation is definitly a key factor. Maybe we can also organize an EMTB event somewhere on a MTB track upsides the road. I would also like to see something like battery and board sharing. I know a lot of us have 2 or more boards or Lipos to share. That would give more people the opportunity to join a group ride

Don’t forget to leave a like in the main post :wink: My way to try to count the interest :sweat_smile:

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I would love to go to a kart track. Also we could do a parts market with discounted prices from DIY builders and vendors.

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meet and greet with EU (ok also world wide) vendors. just to meet the guys in person I get my stuff from would be very nice!

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btw, you know about this one? https://www.esk8b-dtm.de/

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Thx for the link. I didn´t know about it. But something like this was one of the things I wanted to see/join in 2019

Great idea, Though I live in the Netherlands and unfortunately electric skateboards are illegal to use on public roads here (including sidewalks). So far my experience has been that the police condone the use of electric skateboards on an individual basis. I wonder how they would react to groups of E-boarders :smiley:

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I think this we better shouldn’t try out :sweat_smile: The negative feedback on something like this would probably restrict us just even more. If we can’t find a location where we can drive on the road we can still try to organize an race like @Grozniy suggested on a kart track or similar.

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I think France is a bit more lenient when it comes to eskate law…


I read somewhere here that France is thinking about changing the law and make esk8ing illegal too. But idk if that really will happen and if than when.

There was me thinking they were a beacon of hope!!

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One of my inspiration is the Evolve world cup…or rather the fact most of you aren’t allowed to participate because you don’t ride Evolve.

Buying a brand name, basically gives you automatic entry into a community supported by that company.

As opposed to DIY and smaller companies, you are an island to yourself, with people like yourself spread out over the continent.

Trying to figure out the logistics of this is insane. None of you will be able to make this happen without teamwork. It has be a multi country effort. I see it no other way.

So, many facets to think about. Location, activities, food, lodging etc…all have to be factored in to make the event accessible to as many people as possible.

That is why I suggest organizing locally, then reaching out to other larger groups to help organize and be involved an international event.

I guess there are many ways to skin a cat here, but you need to work within your means. Lot’s don’t have money to throw around, so that has to be taken into account as well as personal time.

Lots to think about, but better as a team than by yourself like I was.


Thanks for you input! I‘m aware that it’s going to be a lot of work to organize events. That’s why I started this thread to find out if it’s worth it, I mean if there is really an interest in the EU members or are those just a few. If there is an real interest I hope we can form a small team to organize the different parts together.

Oh let’s not forget about @LazyRolling… they are going to be trying to be a force in esk8 community so start engaging with them


I’ve already had a chat with @okp and @LazyRolling about events. So, it is in there head.

If one of them takes charge like I asked them to…they will need everyone’s help in the EU to make it happen.


There was a huge effort to get boards shipped. Let’s not forget that.

For example: @LazyRolling sent boards without batteries. @psychotiller sent batteries for them to rent. Except for a few, I took receipt the boards and whatever else they didn’t want to take by plane. I delivered all boards to the hotel.

After, i help ship boards back…as well as a lost helmet :rescue_worker_helmet:

For most it was a three day affair. For me…it was probably a week or so of Esk8Squad Renegade related activities.


Thats great to know how you guys managed the thing with the batteries. I can imagine that it was a lot of running to get everything sorted out. I had an similar idea already described more up.

To find a way to share batteries and/or decks will make it more easy for people to join.

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