[EU] 2x ESK8.DE controller 1.1 (vesc) - sold

  • 1 new, one used.
  • Used vesc was run in bldc/never used FOC (my personal preference… They are FOC capable)
  • never used canbus

These controllers are on par with the focbox/may even be superior due to components with higher voltage tolerances.

  • SMD2220 with 15uF / 100v compared to 63v (focbox/vesc6)
  • 14x SMD1206 with 4.7uF / 100V as opposed to 9x (focbox)

Both for 250 Euro, excl. shipping. Not sold separately.

Official product link:

Price drop to 225 EUR.

Got an offer via pm for 200 (absolute steal;)). If nobody else is interested it will be gone tomorrow.

No longer available. Sold for 228,61.