[EU][€3] VESC Hall Sensor Adapter

Hello everyone,

I have ordered a time ago some connectors and wires for building motor sensor wire adapters.

I have a limited amount of material laying for 30 adapters. You can chose your own length between 10cm & 30cm. Each cable has its own heat shrink and is further strengthened with hot glue inside the outer shrinks.

30cm adapter: €3/piece other lengths: €4/piece

image image


You drive a hard bargain. How about you throw in a custom battery pack to offset the shipping cost? :stuck_out_tongue:


@rusins Haha maybe next month :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can you ship them in a envelope?

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Looks nice! Is it correct that the long ones cheaper than the short ones?

@L3chef yes that is possible. Send me your adress in pm. Most of the time shipping is 2 euro.

@Andy87 haha yes, I solder those wires on my own. Those wires are 30cm from the factory. So soldering is much easier. If it must be shorter it take more time. To cut etc


That makes sense than :sweat_smile:

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@pjotr47 cool. I’ll pm you later tonight

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