[EU] 36" Deck | Dual 6355 | 10s4p VTC 6 | FlipSky 4.12 VESC | Custom Fiberglass enclosure - Full board or parts

Yo guys! Selling this build to make room for a new one :slight_smile:

Going to give it a week trying to sell it as a whole if not I’ll part it out and sell most parts individually.

The build is an absolute monster, I’ve done a ride of over 40km on it. Never reached top speed as max I dared to ride was 48kmh but it still had some power left in it.:sweat_smile:

Specs: *36" Deck from Amazon. *Dual 6355, identical to FlipSky but unbranded. *10s4p Sony VTC6 12A battery, I never ever noticed any sag but I am very carefull and never discharge further then 3.2V. *FlipSky 4.12 VESC, I got a good deal on these but they haven’t dissapointed me as of yet. I also added a bluethooth module so it works with @Ackmaniac firmware and app. *Custom Fiberglass enclosure that I made with the help of a friend. Feels extremely strudy. (Only thing missing is an anti-spark switch, using a simple loopkey atm)

I include everything from remote to charger as soon on pictures.

Asking price for full setup: €699 + shipping(From Belgium)









Small bump before I start parting this build out :wink:


If you’re going to part this build out, I’m interested in the motors and two vesc’s

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Build is currently reserved as a whole, potential buyer is coming by on Tuesday :wink:

If it falls through, battery and enclosure :wink:

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still on or gone?

Sold! Thread can be closed.

Put it in the title, then everybody knows right away :wink:

@mmaner please close this thread