[EU] APEX AIR / 6385 100KV /16S BMS and Charger / MOON DRIVE

Hey, I’m from France and due to financial trouble I’ve to give up my upcoming MTB build… :frowning: I’ve already bought some parts so I’ve to resell them, here the list :

  • 2x BMS 16s Bluetooth (50€ / Unit)

  • 2x chargers 16S 3A (15€ / Unit)

  • 2x Trucks APEX Air (260€ / Unit)

  • 1x Gear drive Moon for Phatlads (390€) ( he gently accepted to take it back but if someone want to buy it before I send it back)

  • 2x Motors 6385 100kv Battle hardened w/ upgraded motors (160€/Unit) (These ones


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