(EU/BE) Looking for two reliable VESC

Hello everybody. I would need 2 VESC. I was planning to go with ESC first and then switch but maybe I can find them with your help. I am going to build dual hub set up, on the cheap side. I will probably use them in BLDC mode and not FOC, so I need two working VESC at a good price/condition (second hand too). If you have also all the necessary to connect them together even better (like for the Torque board ones Male to Male Servo Connector - VESC XT90 Parallel Connector - VESC CanBus Connector).


I have esk8.de vesc 4.12. Very reliable in FOC also. I did ~50km with it. Comes with bullet connectors and xt60. PM me.

Thanks for the interest but he has one. I am looking for two. Still seeking…

With focbox out of stock and god knows when everyone in the market is taking them like hot pancakes, a good reliable vesc that’s at a affordable price like u asked for is not going to be in stock any time soon

If you need it immediately, VESC6 from @trampa is probably your best option, if you have the dough for it.

EDIT: just realized you want it cheap. Try Torqueboards vesc if you aren’t using FOC

If I do not find a better deal with a second hand ones I will probably go with the Torque VESC. We’ll see it

Found one FOXBOX for you.

Good luck finding two.


I got some maytech VESC’s available (both used & unused)

check: https://electricboardsolutions.com/

I also have 2 new hobyyking 120A esc’s you can have for 50euro (included shipping)

You have hubs? maybe I can set you up with the double ESC from maytech? I just imported some of there double ESC’s :slight_smile:

Greetz Frederic

Just found two for you. I think they are still available.


Edit: Sorry the first post mentions sold at the bottom but perhaps they are not?

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Thanks for finding it. I sent a message. We’ll see. I now they are reliable but also expensive! :joy:


I have seen your website, good that you are in Belgium too. I know maytech and it comes with not the best reputation lately. Altought they probably work fine in BLDC, if you don’t stress them in FOC mode. The DualMaytech VESC is a cool solution but I am afraid it won’t differ to much from a normal ESC. The specs are a bit low. If you have fully functional second hand VESC please pm a quote.

Thank you Thank you

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Faradaymotion Vesc’s are awesome. They are working directly with Benjamin V. I’ve ~500+km on their vesc in FOC mode

Thanks for the advice, I will think about. The VESCs are so expensive…:sweat_smile:

I think you can get 20% of the vesc’s if you ask for a winter discount coupon. :slight_smile: