[EU] Bestech BMS 10s

Putting this up here as well, as I suspect most people come here when looking for private sales.

Everything is totally new and unused, from a project I unfortunately didn’t have the time to work on.

Bestech 10s BMS with e-Switch - £45 LINK - Is the high-current charge/discharge BMS.

Flipsky Dual 4.20 Plus Vesc SOLD

Bergmeister Wheels (Red Aluminium) + Tyres/Tubes + Pulleys & Belts - SOLD

Haggy Drive System Kahua Trucks + Motor Mounts - SOLD

Restless Mantis Bali 33" Deck - SOLD

2x 6374 170kv Sensored Motors - £70 (would prefer to sell as a pair). SOLD

Happy to post within the EU, shipping costs will obviously depend where you are. Everything will be sent Tracked + Insured.

Let me know if you have any interest :slight_smile:

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Updated with some pictures of the Bergmeister Wheels and Pulleys

Interested in dual vesc. How much for Ireland.

Do you have a postcode I can put in? Or which part of Ireland are you based? It might matter whether you’re north/south (I’m not sure)

Assuming just standard Ireland, tracked and insured is £18 so call it £15. That’s express 3 day delivery. There’s also express 1-3 day which will be £20. Up to you. Can also go economy 5 day delivery for £10.

£15 is good, send me your paypal account.

[email protected]

So its £145, whats included in the vesc? How can you transfer the warranty to me? Sorry for question im abit newbie in this.

I’ve asked, flipsky warranties aren’t transferable :confused: js.

You’d have to warranty through him if you had issues.

The flipsky website says it’s transferable. Not sure who’s told you otherwise.

I’m happy enough to contact them in case of a fault though, it’s not like I’d have to post it to them they can’t tell where the item was shipped from. So either way, there’s a warranty in place if the item fails on delivery.


Double update on this in case people are actually concerned - had confirmation direct from Flipsky that all their warranties are in fact transferable.

Update on sales -

  • Motors are sold awaiting payment

  • Bergmeisters are on hold for someone who’s interested, however if anyone wants them WITH the trucks I will do a deal for it.

  • VESC is sold awaiting payment.

Everything else is still available.

Motors now sold.

Vesc now sold.

Interested. What deal would you do?

Trucks and wheels are currently being discussed with someone else who’s considering a bulk purchase, but I’ll add an update on here if that falls through.

Only the BMS remaining.

I bought some stuff. 10/10 stars