EU Bestech Charge Only Group Buy

Dear Humans,

since I need new Stock of Bestech BMSes, why not make it a good oldfashioned GB. Should you have a dire need for a different model, lmk and we’ll see if we can add it. _

Offered choices (so far):

10s: 2014111105356314 HCX-D239 - charge only - without eswitch

12s: 2012122313619226 HCX-D140 - charge only - without eswitch _

Cutoff Voltages (conservative I think): Over charge detection voltage: 4.20V+/0.025V Over charge release voltage: 4.10V+/0.05V Over discharge detection voltage; 2.80V+/0.05V Over discharge release voltage: 2.90V+/0.1V _

These prices are good guesstimates. Obviously in EU you never know exactly how much the customs office will make you pay. Not looking to make a profit so any changes larger than 2€ will be refunded/charged. _

Prices in €uros BMS charge only 17 Paypal + Shipping + Taxes 8

German shipping tracked 6 EU shipping tracked 9 International shipping tracked 16

Untracked is dirt cheap. If you want that, let me know. _

Those who want to participate, fill in dat Google Form soon, I am eager to place the order.


Oh btw this is definitely happening. I need like 15-20.

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Thanks for doing this :slight_smile:

Hi, I want to buy one BMS 12s, please check this link and let me know if the HCX-D140 - charge only - without switch could it help me :slight_smile:

So is it 25€for a 12s one to germany or is it 31€ or am i getting something completely wrong here ? :smiley:

25 excl shipping, subject to small changes.

Im rather new to this BMS kinda thinggy so a nooby question: what voltage does the BMS need to charge ? …

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If your battery is 10s, then you need a 10S bms, and a 10s charger… same goes for 12s ?? Or what do you mean ?

10s 42V, 12s 50.4V

Hump de bump. I will collect orders until tonight I think.

I’m in for a 10s.

First part acquired for my first build.

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10s for me pls

Did you fill in the form?

@koralle can you update my entry for 2 instead of 1? (Same 10s but two). I’ve got somebody else that needs one as well and I’ll get it for him.

Yes will do. I placed the order today. I got a bunch extra incase someone else wants one.


Btw… Do we have wirring diagrams for both 10 and 12s bms ? It’s not on the bestech site

how much for a bms?

Dat scrolling… :roll_eyes: :grin:

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im aware of those prices, i tought you would change the prices for the ones you bought extra