EU - Black Paris Trucks or similar - CLOSED

Hi guys! I need to test it out this hub motors to post a review. I am waiting a couple of Paris trucks clone but they are still far away and I would like to test them sooner. So I am looking for a couple of Paris trucks original or clone ones. AS long they are black and at least the 180mm version. The original ones I can not find them for less than 60 Euro, so if you have better source, let me know! I see that Meepo has similar truck, do you guys know whether they are paris truck style? Someone has it? Shipping to Belgium.

Thanks! :wink:

This is my front truck:

more Paris trucks:

Thanks, but the price is still more than 60 Euro for 2 trucks. Then I can buy it from sickboards or here for a bit less

ah ok, thought you meant 60€ per truck :smiley:

no no 60 for both. Damn that would be really expensive for Paris trucks :laughing:

thats what I thought :slight_smile: But maybe you want to go wider than 180? the first is 195, just in case you didnt notice :wink: edit: Sickboards have them too and cheaper :), ok :smiley:

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I will mount the on a spud deck. I think 180mm is plenty

lots of hard discounted paris trucks (17.50€ / truck) and arbor decks in this sale : 30 hours remaining, you have to register and understand a bit of french to be able to see. I was able to order from Belgium.

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Thanks man! I will have a look.

Hey man, I can not find anything skate related. What did you type to find them? Thx Sorry my bad, now that I registered I can see it. thx!

Got the 195mm 43 degree. the 180mm 50 degree were sold out. I hope I will be still able to turn easy with this wider and 43 degree trucks. Thx for link.

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If not you can always as a wedge to increase the angle a little

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Sure, actually this morning I also got the clone ones ahahah Now I will seee if I can delete the other order or keep both. We’ll see it