[EU] Buying : Anti-spark XT-90 loop key

Hi, since time is of the essence here can someone sell me some nice looking Anti-spark XT-90 loop key?

So you are looking to buy A anti-spark loop key right? I just changed the category to wanted items.

You know that it is pretty expensive to just buy one instead of building one?

2 XT90 ~ 3€ xt90s ~ 4€ Silicone wire ~ 4€ shipping ~ 4€

but if you really want to buy one you can message me

I would advice ti make it one. Although if you need a made one I can make it. I do not know what you mean for good looking. Antispark is not really fancy by itself :grin:

Sorry didn’t see that you replied first. So please contact him in case.

Please do not get me wrong but as I said the time is of the essence and waiting for the parts would put me in a tight spot.

Thank you all for your comments and for transferring the topic under the right category.

I just had a discussion with a friend and it seems that we have all the parts except the XT90s. Is there a possibility that someone has XT90s to sell?

My advice : get 2 loop key so that if you lose or break one, you can still ride pretty quickly after. If you only have one and lost it, you will have to wait to get a new one :frowning:

Yes, loop key loss is a thing, it happened to me once (hopefully, I had another one at home).

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If you have prime you will get at the same price than buy it from someone a XT90s. I have them. Ai think I paid 4 euro for one. Plus shipping is gonna be the same price than on Amazon

It gets a little tricky regarding the quick postage when you live in Croatia :smiley:

@Acido I think is from Croatia too. Maybe he has one and you can save something in that way. It worths a try.

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I will check :slight_smile:

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Thank you all :slight_smile:

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Here to help!

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