[EU] Caliber II Trucks and 5055 Motor Mounts wanted

Looking for used Caliber II Trucks and motor mounts to replace the standard drivetrain on my diyeboard kit. Can be in any usable condition, no need for them to look brand new, they are not going into a showroom after all!

I think I saw 5055 mounts on sale at @torqueboards site

@dickyho can probably hook you up at a fair price. Just gotta wait on shipping.

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I saw that, figured I wanted to check for people here on the forum wanting to get rid of some stuff before buying new.

Good idea, had never heard of his mount before. Seems to be sold out for now though.

Just message him.

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if you want to mount dual on caliber 2, depending if the motors have noses and how wide of a belt you want to use it can be tricky, i managed to get dual 6355 with 15mm wide belts onto my calibers with dickyho’s mounts.

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Thank you for the info, I have PMed him now. I have seen plenty of people using the trucks with these motors already so I think it should be fine. Does anyone have any experience using his mounts on paris trucks? I heard that it is possible but maybe there is a need to machine down the trucks, I dont know.

maybe since its not perfectly round truck, but its a clamp down mount so i guess you can put some shrinkwrap on the truck and clamp down, dunno. gotta ask the people in the thread who bought the paris version. Here you can maybe find someone who bought it and ask that person.

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