[EU] Caliber Mounts Pré-order Round 2, All pre-orders shipped out :)

Hey guys

I just designed a first prototype and 3D printed it to test fit, I’m not there yet… Any good ideas to improve?

It’s even with the 80mm otangs a bit to small, center distance is 85mm. I can’t move the idler pulleys closer to the motor because the nuts of the bolts that hold the idler will touch the motor. I could make the plate even longer but that makes it more bulky and a longer plate will put more stress on the clamp.

Also would it better to have slots for the idlers instead of for the motor? I did it like it is now so the plate can be used without idlers aswell :slight_smile:

Grtz Frederic

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If possible the idler shouldn’t be longer than the belt. Otherwise you can’t use bigger wheels like 107mm.

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Yes, or I could use longer plates but I don’t like them to long :confused:

Idlers that sit flush with the belt would be great. In this case you could try to move the mount a bit away from the wheel so that you have like 2 mm distance between the belt and the wheel. My enertion pulleys have a gap of like 2 mm to the wheel so a idler that ends at the belt would be perfect.

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What is flush?

I will see what I can change, the bolts I used are to big anyway, it was just to test fit :wink:

You mentioned 10 days ago that then was the last day for the mount preorder, but the it’s still available on your page

So can I still buy it?

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yes you can still order, I forgot to take it offline, I will do it after your order :wink:

Thanks, I can’t order it till tomorrow though.

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I ordered the kit with caliber trucks.

Thank you once again for letting me order them :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the order :slight_smile:

All mounts are out and everyone should have gotten an email with tracking number :slight_smile:

For the interested

I’m doing a pre-sale on the ABEC11 drivetrain: https://electricboardsolutions.com/collections/kits/products/abec-11-dual-sensored-drivetrain-pre-sale


props dude. that actually looks really good :+1:


I love it! Looks sweet!

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Just recieved my mount and trucks, they look good. Thank You.

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