[EU] Carbon fiber layers for my 3D printed parts

Title says it all guys, does anyone have required tools to apply carbon layers to 3D printed parts ?

Cherry on the icing of cake if you can vacuum that shit for a super accurate and solid finish.

Maybe it’d require 2 or 3 layers cause I wanna ride the parts hard at least for the summer and it should withstand a direct beating.

I wanna race my skates haha :fire:

Max footprint is around 250x60x6mm.

Pm me if you’re in!


@sender is in the US and is pretty handy with CF


Thanks for the tip, @Sender I’ll send you a PM tonight :heart:


you should also upload pics of what you want to skin

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Hey I’m still looking for some gorgeous skilled people to help me out on this one.

Parts are awfully bothersome to work with despite being almost flat and it sure represents few hours of work at best. Lot of hours at worst do to shaping with the holes ?

I’m being honest. Tho for me it is totally worth it. Come on please help me out guys !

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you gotta show use some pictures

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I will but I’d rather send everything via email or whatever (I haven’t even opened yet my build topic here yet, kinda wanted to go all out once done and running -tho if I never run, with this logic I’ll never post a build thread… Stupid logic)

PM me :slight_smile: and then tell me your email adress or something

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