(EU) Cheap, but good Vesc

Looking for a Vesc for my first build, just need a good quality for around 100 dollars.

Hit me up with what you have, please also include shipping to Denmark in the comment :slight_smile:

Seriously, there is a VESC for sale in the selling section, like first or second thread. Didn’t even had to search :slight_smile:


You’re welcome @bigben :slight_smile:


I’ve seen it, but I was told not to get Maytech since they are really bad :slight_smile:

So, take the TorqueBoards one? Still a good price :slight_smile:

I have an Ollin VESC I could sell for 120€. Includes shipping. Payment by PayPal as a business if you want too… i dont understand the fuzz about fees… honestly it is like 0.52€ (at least for me, no idea if it is same for everyone)

That would be pretty awesome, what shipment type and where are you located?

I am from slovakia. Not really sure what you mean by shipment type

DHL / UPS or something like that :smiley:

Oh :smiley: regular post office stuff. Inside Europe it is like 5€ you have it within a week

Ah perfect, i will get back to you soon.

Waiting for a refund atm from a board i bought a little while ago that never arrived :smiley: I hope they issue my refund today.

Wrote to them a while ago.

No worries, it is 1am here anyway :smiley: I will take some pictures of it tomorrow and PM you in the afternoon.

Just PMed you :slight_smile:

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Paypal charges a percentage to sellers in the USA and it’s 2.9%+ $0.30 calculated on the total amount paid.

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That can certainly true, never really bothered to look into it. Thank you for the info. I also forgot about the currency exchange fee.

Original Maytech 4.12, 92us included shipping.

I have an vesc 4.10 that canbus is broken on. Still works perfectly though. It’s a quality vesc that I bought from faradaymotion.com Maybe used it for 300-400km. I ask 80€ for it Shipps from Finland

Hey Thanks everyone for the fine offers, i bought one but will be looking for more in the future :slight_smile:

I also need a vesc, if anyone is selling, feel free to ship it in Greece…

@Surfer has some?

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I have a esk8.de vesc that i could sell for about 120€. Almost brand new.