EU | Crazy Garage Sale

All sold…

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you ship to the US?

If you pay shipping, sure : ) Tell me what you’re interested in, where you are and I’ll send you a shipping quote.

FOCBOX San Marcos CA 92069

Looks like shipping is not much higher:

Delivery time: 7 - 15 working days and not registered

If you want it faster and with a tracking number, it’ll be €7 more.

Delivery time: 3 - 5 working days, registered

I just PM you.

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Is the charger from eskating?

Yep, and it was just sold.

Sorry looks like I won’t be able to buy it after all.

`No worries

Wheres that charger from? asking for a friend. :wink: you could message @fottaz here on the forum, I think he sold out.

3 Nano and 5 Nano-X remotes left


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Reformatted the post and added A LOT of parts! Goodnight)

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which riptide bushings and pivot cups did you use?

WFB 96a Caliber II pivot cups for all and KranK Canon 87a/90a bushings (cupped washer board side, flat washer road side).

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6355 motors gone FOCBOX gone

Is that a metr bt module or standard hm10 (I know metr also uses hm10 - but they are locked down via their MAC address or something)

These are normal HM-10 modules

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