[EU] Custom li-ion battery packs

Hello, First thing: I’m not a regular member, I work towards it… So i can’t take money in front. So if you want a pack, you can contact me. I will make it and when it is made. Then you can pay. I live in Belgium so i can ship to the whole EU. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/custom_liion_battery_packs/

Pack specs: You can choose your own battery configuration. For the pack i use 10x0.15 40A 99.96% Pure Nickel. I use always two layers ore more of nickle. So the pack can give enough amps. The output wires are 12AWG (80A+) silicone wire . An upgrade to 10AWG(100A+) is possible. The prices below are with heatshrink, output wires & xt60 connector. It is excl BMS!

Extra options: 10 awg silicone wire €1 LCD Battery Indicator/Voltmeter €10 Switch for BMS €2 XT-90 €1 BMS: Cheap 40A BM €10 Bestechpower
HCX-D336 (10S- 70A without e-switch) €40 HCX-D345 (10S- 60A with e-switch) €60

All prices are an indicator, there may be slight changes (cheaper or more expensive) based on the configuration & type of cells


I am interested.

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You are free to send me a message😉

You can not take money in front since you are not a regular member. You must make a battery and then sell it.


I know rules are rules but just in case, I can vouch for @pjotr47. He made 3 packs for me already: very clean and work 100% perfect!


And how can i become a regular member? The thing about customs packs is that i can’t read somebody mind to know what he want.

If you were a regular you would not have to worry You need to meet some requirements, forgot what but search and you will find

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I have find it & go do my best for the following 100days😉

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Updated to this ↑↑↑

Asking publicly for now because maybe others might find this useful…

I’m interested in buying a 12s1p battery pack from you (possibly 12s4p in the future), and was wondering if you could use a different BMS from the ones you listed, because not having to pay for both a BMS and an external e-switch seems like an attractive idea, but the one you offer is only for 10s. Could we work out a deal? :slight_smile: Or maybe (as you have more experience) you’d suggest me a different setup? (I want 12s because I’m planning on running 170kv motors :stuck_out_tongue: )

Most BMS’s are specifically made for a certain series, but I would recommend trying to get a DieBieBMS that’s developed on the forum, it can be used with different number of series. @Samau18 is making some now, message and see if there is any room for another order :wink:

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Hi Rusins,

Yes, it is possible to use a 12s BMS, I have placed a new order @bestechpower and it include some 12s BMS’s

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Hi man! If i had not already bought everything to make my own pack would I definitely have bought one from you. You’re prices are really nice :+1: But there is one thing im curious about:

How can they take a maximum of 40A? Wouldn’t the maximum for a 10mm X 0.15mm be 13.42A


Also: would you mind showing how you weld the 10S6P packs together? and what spot welder do you use?

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I used a long time the nickle they sell on ebay, It was advertised as 40A nickle. Now I’am using nickle from Nkon. I use in my packs always, 3-4 layers of nickle so the amp draw will be no problem.

I am using a Sunkko 709ad spotwelder. You can choose how you want the config off the 10s6p pack. I made all the packs costom made.

If you want a pack, send me a PM :slight_smile:


What shipping company would you use to ship the the UK? and how much would the shipping cost?

will the parcel be labelled properly so i doesnt have problems in customs?

I can use DPD they do only transport over road or I can use UPS. At UPS I have the possibility to declare the li ion packages in there system.

Howdy looking to have a pack built for a trampa…so groups connected and shrinked in sets of 4 or fibe, with wire for flexability. thinking 10s4p or 10s5p. think you could swing this?

Instagram link updated: https://www.instagram.com/electricpacks/

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12s4p flat pack with 30q cells, I wish I could keep that pack for myself :roll_eyes:


How muich would this pack go for? Is it with powerswitch? (no need for antispark?)