[EU/Denmark] Unikboard 29" Single drive NO LONGER FOR SALE

Lost most interest in DIY, and haven’t been able to sort the money out for a battery for this build so trying to sell it. (wasn’t prioritized high enough either)

Most parts are brand new, some of them have some run hours on them but it’s minimal and those who have been used prior has been restored so they look as good as they can without being replaced.

The motor has some tape over it to protect it while I was building it, motor wires are cut to size for the riser pad.

Comes with everything you need to have a solid well working board other than the battery, even metr module skate-tool, and a charger (10S 42V 2Amp).

Parts list:

Deck: Unikboards 29" (Brand new) Enclosure: Unikboards Enclosure + Gasket/Seal (Brand new) Trucks: Caliber II Custom painted + Black Hangers (Hanger’s brand new) Wheels: Orangatang Kegels 80A (2 Wheels brand new the back wheels have been used for 20 - 30 miles) Bearings: Red Bones (Brand new) Riserpad: SWITCHBLADE E-RISER PAD (Brand new and wired up for dual motor) Griptape: Lasercut vicious with logo

Motor: Eskating.eu 190KV 6374 3550W (Brand new) Motor mount: Enertion Vesc: Torqueboards 4.12 (Repaired and checked by MartinSP) Gearing: 13T/36T 12mm Kegel Drive Wheel Kit Bluetooth: Metr (Brand new) Remote: TorqueBoards 2.4ghz Nano Remote Switch: OPK/Unikboards Anti-spark (Brand new)

All it needs is a 10s3p battery pack and its up and running. (Might also need to swap the VESCs XT90 out with an XT60 but might do it before sale if I get my solder in the mail)

Not looking to part it out unless I have a buyer for most of the things, paid a lot of money not expecting to get all my money back but if I’m able to get a good amount its fine with me since I’m trying to save up for a used Boosted V1.

It’s located in Denmark, pickup or shipped no problem.

I would prefer to be paid in a way where I won’t have to wait weeks to get my money so either bank transfer Mobilepay (Danish) or anything else like that would be preferred or even cash at pick-up.

If I missed out on anything please let me know, or if you need better pictures.

Pictures: (More here: https://imgur.com/a/V957t)

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You will have luck if you part out

Parting out will for sure be easier to sell and a bit faster, but i already did it once and sadly had more parts left then parts sold so lost a lot that time :frowning:

The only things that probably won’t sell here is bearings and riser pads

@Lumaci has been around for a minute or two, he can probably best decide on how to sell his gear.


Do you have any asking price for whole setup or if it is sold in parts?

Got no asking price, my aim was to get around 500 euro for everything.

Currently got offered 480 where i pay shipping.

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If anyone wants it as a complete ready to go board i can buy a battery pack for around 270 - 280 depends on what cells wanted and smack in and set the vesc up and tune in it.

Shipping price will be higher but it will be ready to go for a total price of around 750 (With shipping)

https://youtu.be/xAQV0FciUlc Video showing everything working with a 10s2p battery pack.

Do not settle for the boosted board this thing you have is much mucu better than a boosted board!

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I know its way more poweful and will have so much longer range and all, but i really like Boosted.

Wanted to repair my old V1 Dual+ but honestly not worth even considering so really want to get a new V1.

So you have broken old boosted laying in corner? Any idea about sell it if u buy new?

Basement yeah, and nothing worth it in.

The deck is really beat up, motors are broken and beat up esc is broken battery is from the time where they had charge problems.

Was planning on just making it look nice and hang on a longboard holder for show.

@lumaci Maybe I would be interested in the battery, would you be willing to sell it? It is probably quite old and beaten am I right? :slight_smile:

Most cells in it are dead and the enclosure is pretty broken or scratched, but id like to keep it and go over it one day and make it look nice while i still have access to a car paint workshop. :slight_smile:

Only selling the Unik.

I get it…i am interested just in the cells, not the cover, but whatever…it is your choice :slight_smile:

I have interest in the deck :smiley:

Epic deal: Take every damn part for 330 euro, shipping not included.

Only cuz im hyped for Boosted Mini.

This is a freaking steal.


Someone please take it from @Lumaci’s hands cause it’s such a sweet deal especially if you’re in the EU :sob:


I just finished my build, one month ago I would have taken everything w/o think about it. To me your parts are 1000 times better than the mini boosted.

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