[EU] Diyeboard motor

One of my Diyeboard motors is probably busted so I am looking for a used one to replace it with. Hit me up if you want to get rid of one :slight_smile:

Maybe you want to add which motor exactly it is? Size and kV.

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Good point, not sure though the diyeboard website is rubbish. Considering buying two new Turnigy SK3 6364 213 Kv motors instead

63 won’t fit. It should be 5055 280kv.

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Hello, I have a diyeboard with dual 5055 270kv belt drive kit for sale. I’ll sell you the whole set with truck for 50euro if you want. It is collecting dust for the moment and I need some money for my mountainboard build. I am from Belgium EU by the way.

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esc included?

IMG_20181118_155408 IMG_20181118_155344 IMG_20181118_155430 Everything you see on the Pic except for the wheels. I have their dual ESC but one Op the phase wires came loose and needs to be resoldered. Will send a pic later.


@sanderfu If the esc for these is something you can fix, this would be your cheapest route. Again though, if you want performance, think about going vesc with the above drive kit.

I am using @dickyho mounts so I am not that worried about size :slight_smile:

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I am definetly considering upgradring to a vesc, the only thing holding me back is basically the tought of chasing bottlenecks until I have bought almost an entire board in new parts. It was a mistake going with a diyeboard kit I have realized.

@mikedv about to PM you regarding your kit. Lets see if we can make a deal :slight_smile:

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Dual 5055 motors can give you very good performance. The only upgrades I would make the the diyeboard kit would be a 30Q or SANYO battery and a VESC, unless you’re going up extreme hills you can get good thermal and acceleration performance from those motors.

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If your battery is par then disregard the last post. But do think about upgrading the battery in the future.

That drivetrain with a vesc would be a lot of fun. Depending on gearing, you could get good speeds as well. And I doubt you’d have to worry about major bottle necks as the kit’s esc is the bottle neck.

Due to the expensive nature of buying from Europe to Norway, I am considering buying two 5045 or 5065 Racestar 200Kv motors and use the Diyeboard ESC until it wont work anymore and then upgrade to vescs. Does this sound reasonable @J0ker3366?

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I think hobbyking still has 5045’s on sale for like 35euro.

The Turnigy ones? Would they be prefferable over Racestar (I get the racestar-ones cheaper due to free shipping).

Turnigy sk8

Would they be abetter buy than these ones from Racestar: https://www.banggood.com/Racerstar-5045-BRH5045-200KV-6-12S-Brushless-Motor-For-Balancing-Scooter-p-1117661.html?website&utm_medium=racerstar&utm_campaign=5045&utm_content=wangyue

Due to shipping vost they will cost me exactl the same.

I don’t know the shipping policy of hobbyking nowadays but I didn’t pay shipping for the 2 escs I bought in the past.

The only thing I am concerned about the sk8 is a lack of circlip… Not sure it is the case with 5045 motors but the 63mm have no circlip on the shaft.

And HK sk8 motors have no circlips. which mean you will have to order them somewhere else, pay for shipping, loose some time and probably money. The racerstars seemsbrather good from what I’ve read.