[EU] diyelectricskateboard.com is selling their 6355 | 190kv for 70$ today only. Interest in a general TB group buy?

Hey there,

so for the next 13h there is a sale on these popular motors.

With the voucher code ‘20OFF6355190KV’ they are selling for 70USD. If we get over 400€ worth of any orders together, diy offers free worldwide shipping so this might be a good opportunity for a quick group buy.

Edit: I was just told that using this Voucher will keep us from getting free shipping :confused: this means that a total of 40$ shipping will also be split among participants.

EU import duties should be around 22% so I can relay them to you for around 70€ plus shipping and paypal. Same 22% fees apply for any other (not too bulky) diyelectric product.

As I said, this order would need to happen today, so please let me know if there is any interest!

Item €uros
TB 6355 190kv including 22% import duties 70
Diyelectric shipping 35 / number of participants
German shipping tracked 6
EU shipping tracked 9
Paypal Fee in case of G&S 3%
Any other item Do the math

BTW… they still have 15mm Motor Pulleys for 15USD. Just not listed atm. Not earning money on this - any unexpected changes to the ammounts will be charged/refunded.


So is it 70$ or 70€ ?

Haha the motor is sold for 70$ by diy so that makes about 70€ sold by me including import duties atm.

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I think they are. People have problems with his VESC’s

They’re fine. Just use them and replace should they break.


I don’t understand, there are other vendors with better quality

Oh you mean TB Vescs are no good? Yes there are better ones. These ones from TB are cheap and work fine without FOC and below 12s I guess.

TB’s products are proven to be good quality except on-off switch. Most of faults are IMO user errors.


Yep. Think I’ll buy two.

If I buy their motors do I need to get the mounts from them aswell? Thinking of buying two

You can put them on any mount of your choice but I think this GB is not going through since theres too little interest.