[EU] Dual 90mm hub motors + trucks + front wheels. Never used. €120+shipping

I never got around to use these and I have a Raptor 2 coming soon so I’m selling this kit. I paid around $450 for them with shipping, taxes and customs from China.

They are never ridden and just tested on the bench. However, the hall sensor detection in one of the motors seems to have a glitch in the wires. I’ve only gotten it to detect a few times. Should be easy to find and fix with a multimeter and new wires.

The price is €190 including shipping within EU/UK. €120+shipping

Price includes: 2x 90mm 60kv hub motors, 2x 90mm front wheels with bearings, 1x truck for the motors and 1x standard caliber truck for the front wheels.

Paypal only and if you don’t want to send it as friends&family, you pay the fees. I’ve sold a lot of stuff here before and there should be a bunch of people who can vouch for me :slight_smile:


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Price dropped to €120 + shipping.

Power rating? Producer?

All info here: http://www.maytech.cn/en/mto91hbm-nh/8803.html

Thanks a lot anyway. Best regards Fatos Blakaj

Not a problem. But I seriously doubt that you got the same price from Maytech. Their cheapest listing for this set is $320 and that doesn’t include import taxes to EU, nor is bearings included.

But if you really did, could you provide a screenshot with their offering?

You are totally correct, and I’m sorry for that. I forgot to take into account the other parts also.

Best regards.

Hello! I’m new here and thinking about my first built. I’m interested, could you send me more details please?. Ship to Spain cost, etc

Hi, and welcome. Details about the motors is here: http://www.maytech.cn/en/mto91hbm-nh/8803.html10 The kit I sell comes with 2x 90mm front wheels with bearings, 1x front truck, 2 hub motors and 1 special rear truck for the motors.

Shipping to Spain is €42.

I’m interested but have some doubts: To finish the electronic part of the eboard I would need two VESC from MayTech or this motors are compatible with other VESC brands?

Sorry if this is not the place to post the doubts here.

How much is shipping to NYC - USA ?

The motors will work with any VESC.

Shipping to US is €60

I am interested, how much is it to send to the uk?


Hi @Pavel. Shipping to UK is €35.

Shipping to the low Netherlands? Was already considering these for a new build.

@Mark: Same as for UK

Ill wait for a while, just booked an expensive trip. To those others around here, this is a pretty good deal for decent motors :slight_smile:

These are still for sale. Price is now €100+shipping

Sure I’ll take em for that