EU esk8 and Parts

Hi everybody

as I attack a new project and I need money for, I sell to regret the Bustin Bonsai made in Okp, bought from the master himself. Wrinkled 5 charges (that happiness) only 100 km

Bustin Bonsai Deck Aps engine 190kv 6355 without sensor Riser pad Unik Real calibers 2 155mm bearings bustin abec 7 wheels Bustin 80mms (orangatang like) Vesc 4.12 15x32 new 265mmx15 belt (15km) 12s Home made 3D print/ carbon enclosure weight 4.9kg

Sold Ready to go: board, gt2b Sparkle and new charger 54V

I would like to sell it 600euros (more than 900euros parts on it) Open to trade with an EMTB with an addition of money from me.

Electronic and general check-up this morning, 30/03/2018

For a 70Kg guys

20 KM range 45 KM/H top speed 1 Hour charging time (same for 300kg dude)

Nervous build, and light weight under 5KG

Wheel pulleys 36T 15mm 3D print by eskating, Brand New 30euros

Eskating Motors x2 6355 190Kv full closed, sensored and Brand new 180euros SOLD

Shipping from France to Eu

Maybe can exchange with Loaded Icarus only… or euros

Thanks and have a good day !

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Man I would buy the motors if i had the monies right now…

do you have some used parts to exchange ?

I have got 2 used hypa hubs with wheels and tyres :smiley: Idk cant think of anything else, what kind of stuff do you need

@atvoila in what parts would you be interested for trading against the motors ? I have decks /vescs/ remotes/ quickchargers spare :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a loaded icarus deck or/& gt2b custom like sparkle

i have a loaded truncated deck and Nano x remote / steeze remote

yeah thanks, but i really need an icarus and gt2b mod with trigger

I would like to grab both motors.

sure, mp if you’re interested

I’ve got a loaded tan tien to sell maybe

nvm cant use them on my board, not interested in the motors nvm.

sorry, only icarus, thanks

PM sent.


Would you be willing to drop that price? And what is the speed and range +/- ?

the set-up had 200-300 kilometers and there are good pieces, so my price is really reasonable.

30 kms range and 45km/h for a 70kgs person

pm sent!


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New price !! 470euros complete Build ready to ride !!

@etvoila , interested in VESC: still available? Price?

hi ! i try to sell the complete build, and haven’t vesc spare, sorry