[EU] esk8.de 6374 motor, motor mount, Caliber II truck, pulleys etc

[SOLD] Evolve hangars 10€ each

[SOLD] esk8.de 200kv sensored motor http://www.hellray.de/shop/#!/eSk8-de-Motor-esk8-6374-200kV-3-3KW-mit-Sensoren-und-6Pin-Stecker/p/66640988/category=15255001 90€

[SOLD] 2 x Evolve compatible 63mm motor mounts by Unikboards https://www.unikboards.com/fr/boutique/core-serie-support-moteur-pour-truck-evolve-supercarve-street-et-at/

[SOLD] 40€ (set of 2)

Motor pulley 36T, 3d printed (bough here) make an offer

1 Caliber II truck 20€

1 esk8.de 63mm motor mount 40€

Kegel 3d printed motor pulley (bought here and just test ridden once) make an offer

Freeboard hangars make an offer

broken VESC by eskating.eu make an offer

I would take the evolve hangers and the evolve compatible mounts. How wide are the evolve hangers ?

Pretty wide. I have to get home to get the exact measurements. But you can see that even a dual 6374 motor setup is possible.

I will get back to you once I have the width.

~31cm wide

Interested in the UNIK motor mounts if not sold :slight_smile:

If you don’t want the evolve hangers I’ll take them.

How wide are the freeboard hangers?

~33cm 10 Char

Okay thanks. I’ll pass that is too wide for me.

What material is the kegel pulley made of? And how wide are they?

The kegel pulley 5 euro ?