[EU/FIN] -SOLD- Complete board: Hummie deck, Bergmeisters, Unity, 10S4P, dual 6374


Sadly I’ve come to a situation where I have to fund some other stuff in my life and this puppy will be for sale.

You can see the dedicated thread of the Roadkill here:

Parts list:

  • Hummie deck
  • Bergmeister pneumatic wheels (blue)
  • Kahua trucks (with Riptide 96A pivot cups)
  • Maytech 6374 sealed and sensored motors
  • Haggy motor mounts and drive train
  • Focbox Unity
  • 10S4P Samsung 30Q battery (flexible) with Bestech D124 charge only BMS
  • Bigben single stack enclosure
  • Zealous bearings
  • Vicious griptape
  • Moonbeams (currently not attached, been lazy)
  • Mini remote
  • Bunch of extras (wheel and motor pulleys, inner tires, belt, bolts etc., I’ll take a photo later to show everything)
  • Charger not included

Text will continue after some photos which were taken yesterday: 20190817_201637 20190817_201656 20190817_201617 20190817_201612 20190817_201739

As you can see the board is in excellent condition. Only (aesthetic) defect is a small chip on the side of the enclosure, see picture above.

The board has only seen some couple hundred kilometers and less than 10 charge cycles. All parts are working exactly as they should and ready for riding.

I will NOT part out but I can sell the board with or without the battery. In total I spent over 1500 euros incl. taxes and everything, willing to sell the board with battery for 1180€ and without battery for 1000€.

Located in Finland and will only ship inside EU. Shipping will be expensive but let’s look at the costs if you’re interested.


Charger not included? lol

Great price for a board this nice though, good luck with the sale! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the wishes :slight_smile: Just to clarify the reasoning behind the missing charger:

I have two boards and one very shitty charger. Rather than pushing that shit to someone else with a higher price I’d let them use their own (which many people here probably has) or just buy a good one instead. Any regular 10S charger should work.

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May I ask where in finland this board is located?

how´s your cable management under the board? The motor wires go through the backtruck and then?

alright, just clicked your buildthread and found it out :slight_smile:

In Helsinki

Hi Will you price shipping to ireland