[EU] Flywheels | Calibers | marcmt88 mounts | 5045 | belts | ALU pulleys | belts

Hi all,

Since last week I purchased the DD kit from Enertion, I’m selling the following new parts:

  • 1x marcmt88 v2 mount for 50xx/60xx motors with bolts, and a broken bolt stucked in one of the clamps, easy to remove with proper tools [ 35€ ] [ @banjaxxed ] SOLD

  • 1x marcmt88 v2 mount for 50xx/60xx motors with bolts, never used [ 40€ ] [ @banjaxxed ]

  • 2x Racestar 5045 motors, never used [ 1x25€ | 2x40€ ] [ @banjaxxed ] SOLD

  • 10x HDT5M 330mm 12mm belts [ 1x7€ | 2x12€ | 3x15€ | 10x40€ ]

  • Dual FocBox ALU case from Kug3lis, short fins & black version [ 35€ ] [ @wapkoen ] SOLD

  • 3x 12mm motor pulleys [ 1x4€ | 2x7€ | 3x10€ ]

  • 2x Dual FoxBox 3D printed holder [ 1x10€ | 2x15€ ]

  • 2x 12mm Flywheel ALU pulleys, never used but retainers in plastic slighly broken [ 1x20€ | 2x30€ ] [ Whatsapp group member ] SOLD

  • 1x 15mm 3D printed Flywheel pulley, never used [ 5€ ] SOLD

  • ABEC11 Flywheels 90mm, lime green, never used [ 80€ ]

  • Clone ABEC11 Flywheels 90m, black, never used [ 30€ ] [ Whatsapp group member ] SOLD

Everything to be shipped from Madrid/Spain, so I prefer to negotiate with EU members. Shipping costs not included.

I will post pictures soon… I’m lazy now :blush:

Edit: some pics…

Edit: more pics…








Let me know if you need anything! :smile:


Can you ship us? If so I will take both 5045’s

this whole post now pictures later thing is nonsense

if you want your stuff to sell you should comply with the rules from the get go :man_shrugging:

not you specifically bor.inc, generally speaking.


Interested in the trucks. But want to see them first

I am in barcelona so shipping would be easy for you but brother, post some pictures

What KV are the motors? are they sensored?


This is not direct drive. ~ @b264

Sorry if im wrong?


I’m guessing they’re these. Ideal for a dual dinghy build…

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Will post pics tomorrow guys, now i’m away from my computer!

200kv, are those from bigben post

Will send you pics tomorrow, they are in good shape

Hubs are direct drive technically yes. Even more so if you want to get super technical.

Gears are not direct drive, that’s how you summon @b264


3rd dibs on the racer stars and motor pulleys?

Alright, assuming they are in good condition, I want the both the racerstar motors and the calibur trucks. shipping to barcelona.

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Love your avatar. Don’t let anyone hate on that one; it’s gold.

Ok thanks, Also are they 10" or 9" and 50 or 44 degrees?

I did a trade with Pablo on this with some extra stuff

He’s solid

Hey @Lobap I’ll take all the marcmt88 clamps and all the Racestar motors, dat ok?

Hi !

Interested by the motors mounts as well (the complete set, not just the clamps) if pictures are provided and if @banjaxxed does not take them.

I have just updated the main post with some pics, when I get home I will put some updated ones of the remaining items.

Since I owe one to @banjaxxed, I will put him first on the list for the mounts and motors.

Trucks reserved to @LouisVW (10" and 50º, but will confirm).

Clone flywheels + ALU pulleys reserved to someone in our Whatsapp group in Spain, not sure if he is registered here.

Cheers :slight_smile:


sweet 10char

Technically and I know you love technical(Hub Vs Gear),it’s red, orange, grey, brown and black :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: