[EU] FocBox and 6374 170kv APS sonsored

Focbox VESC 95€ 90€

APS Motor 65€ 60€

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where are you from? which version? 1.6 or 1.7?

photos? used or new?

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Dibs on focbox

Ah damn you Tin. Always in front :sob:

Pics please @Luuke!

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Sorry my friend! Nothing is set in stone. Yet!

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Eh… if I am not wrong it looks like this (from facebook). Not too promising I would say…


Nice find! I am quite sure you are right…

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Right, this are the parts. I can solder some new wires to the focbox / motor. That’s not the issue here.

The parts are used, that’s right. I am located in germany. I will check for the version of the focbox.

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