[EU] Focbox Unity GroupBuy - closed. Not enough interest

Enertion has now listed the FocBox Unity on there website.


Pre orders are open and price has increased slightly since I calculated everything last night. But the big issue is the shipping went from showing as free yesterday to now being €510 for 21 units shipped to Germany

As a comparison, shipping to the US for 21 units comes to €315. Still high but better than what we are stuck with.

If people are sill interested I have now calculated the total price at about €260 landed in Germany including VAT, import charges etc. Shipping to you will then be added on to that.
If you are in Germany then it is only 5-10€, if you are in the rest of the EU then it is about €15-17. So about €275 depending on location.

This is compared to a standard price of about €320 without the bulk buy discount, so about a €45 saving.

The pre release sale is only for 4 days so if we want to make it happen we need to get it done fast. If we can get the 21 people needed in the next day I would collect the base payment to make the purchase from Enertion first. Then later on once they have been shipped, collect the second payment for import and VAT costs plus calculate individual shipping for each location.

If you are interested first stage price is €210 that would be made in the next day. Fill in the forum with you email and details and I will contact you for payment if we can get enough people.

Once the Unity is ready to be shipped another payment will be collected for the duty and VAT etc plus shipping for your location. this will be between €60-75

So if you are interested and can pay in the next day fill out the form


:arrow_double_up::arrow_double_up::arrow_up:Can’t remove the poll, so just ignore it now and use the google form :arrow_up::arrow_double_up::arrow_double_up:

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Here to follow. Potentially interested!




Have decided it will be easier to keep track of everything if I add a google form now instead of later.
If you have already done the poll, please fill out the google form instead.

Based on the poll we already have 15 units, so getting over 20 should not be a problem.

I’m in says I

Is it not cheaper to just order it from enertion then? 255€ is a pretty high price compared to 221€ that they offer. Shipping should not be more than 10-15€.

and shipping is calculated at €15.
Add on VAT and duty and you get closer to €280-290euro. If you think you can get it past EU customs and avoid paying duty and VAT then go for it and enjoy your Unity at a lower price.
But if it does get caught and charge then you will be looking at about €40-50€VAT plus €10 duty added on to the €220 (that is a conversion, real price depends on currency prices charged by your credit card since enertion charges in AUD)

Also just looked again now and bulk prices have increased by €10 from €175 to €185.
so at this rate the savings from a group buy will be negligible.

Spoke with customer support. Price is not set, so essentially the price on the website is pretty much a waste of time. Price has increased by €10 overnight so far and who knows if it will go higher or lower between now and launch. Probably saw all the interest on the forums and decided they can jack up the price :money_with_wings::money_with_wings:

The bulk prices will also work similar to the currency Focboc bulk plan, but that has a setup fee and set quantity per tier. So for now we just have to wait until release and see what happens with pricing. That makes all pricing estimates for the group buy useless for now.

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yeah this will most likely be a paywhirl thing like the focboxes. I’m looking forward to having these around.

All that said, I’m still in… for now, but that GB saving is looking less attractive.

Just sticking an order in and crossing fingers might be an option.

The regular no bulk price is also increasing with the bulk buy price. So will wait until things are announced with a set price. It may well end up being a waste of time going for a group buy

Pre orders are open now and bulk price is €10 more than when first posted. And orders are now charging postage when yesterday shipping for focbox was showing as free. Total postage on 21 units it an additional €500… I will work everything out and see what the ballpark price will be when I get home.


Base price from enertion shipped is €210 on top of that we have vat and import and EU shipping so a landed and delivered to you price of about €290 vs buying a single unit yourself at €330 so a 40€ saving.

The pre order sale is only 4 days so we don’t have long to get 21 names and cash together. If i interested at that price fill I the form

Not trying tl be a dick here. But if we order now. When will we recieve the unit? Most of us remember last years black friday deal…

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The product plan listed on the official post is saying shipping begins November. so I think we can all read that as some time in February to avoid disappointment.


Hey @Moros could you take me off the list please, November is too late for me let alone February.

Many thanks

In my previous experience, I never had to pay VAT with enertion. They somehow managed to ship it to a European warehouse. Is this not the case anymore? But i would like to take two if we get the group buy together