[EU] Focbox Unity GroupBuy - closed. Not enough interest

From what I know, when they did more DIY parts they had warehouses but now everything is sent direct from China.

Support has told me shipping isn’t finalised and could change. So waiting to get an answer for that.

Updated main post and price.

First price needed to get this going is €210, with that I can get the order in then once they have shipped I will collect a second payment to cover the VAT, duty and shipping to your location.
Read the main post and fill in the form in you are ready to go.

I am potentially interested however I am in the US so I wouldn’t be subject to a VAT tax

There is a US group buy already setup.

Ok thanks I hadn’t seen it

Hey @Moros just to know, is it looking like this group buy will happen or not? Because otherwise I’ll just jump on the US one and ship it through myus.

A bit off topic, but this is for people in Norway.

It is definitely interesting. However, living in Norway is really bad when it comes to import. We need to pay taxes and VAT on import. That means for a group buy executed from a country in the EU (or whatever else country than Norway), we need to pay whatever the price is included shipping and taxes to/in EU/whatever + shipping to Norway + import taxes in Norway and VAT in Norway.

Maybe the best option is to order from UNIK boards or Enertion directly if it is sold without VAT.

Is there anyone from Poland, who would like to order Unity? It costs now 250$ so I need just one person to order it with free shipping :slight_smile: