EU for sale: Eskating motor, maytech vesc, mounts, caliber trucks, 7s3p battery, abec and kegel pulleys, wolf shark deck

Various bits for sale from eskating website as I’ve started another project. All purchased September and had less than 50 miles use.

Maytech vesc £70

Caliber trucks. £40 One of the hangers has been filed down to accomodate the kegel wheel pulley.

Carbon fibre/ aluminium motor mount £30 Eskating water resistant sealed and sensored 6355 190 kv motor £70 7s3p battery w enclosure/ display/charger etc. £140 ! 36T wheel pulley for Kegels w bolts £12 36T wheel pulley for abec with bolts £12 Steel HTD5M 15 teeth 15mm Motor pulley w 8mm bore £5 Steel HTD5M 18 teeth 15mm Motor pulley w 8mm bore £6

enertion 12m pulley £5

2x HTD5M 265 belts £5 each 1x HTD5M 270 belt £5

80mm 83a kegel wheels with abec bearings. (nearly new) £40 Hand remote inc receiver £30

that motor mount clamp IS NOT steel.

Sorry my bad. Aluminium and carbon fibre.

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the vesc still available?

Yes it’s still for sale . Pm me

sorry I am a new user so not sure how to do that can you pm me lol

All bits still available. Pm me with offers

All parts still available

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Bump for the weekend

Battery sold

Will consider trading a few bits for an Arbor deck with kicktail

still available?

Battery and vesc sold . Everything else still available. Will consider swaps etc

will sell the calibers with motor mount and kegel wheel pulley thrown in for £60

Steel HTD5M 15 teeth 15mm Motor pulley w 8mm bore £5

I would take this, any chance you got some 15 mm belts? And can you check shipping cost to Germany?

Do this motor mount fit TB 218mm trucks?

Hi do you still have trucks and remote ? Thanks.

Hi, I’ve still got the trucks / motor mount and remote . Thx

How much do you want for it all ?

Pm me mate , I still have left Caliber trucks Motor mount Remote Kegels Kegel pulley Various belts