[EU] For Sale Inboard M1 Perfect Condition Relatively New

Hi all. This is the Inboard M1 in perfect condition. I bought this one in May and barely use it. (I rode this thing no more than 5-6 times and only within 1 km radius around my apartment) Really not sure how much is the range because I don’t own iPhone so I couldn’t connect it with an app. I’m selling it because I will be moving back to my home country soon and I don’t want to carry this all the way home. I am currently in Poland so it will be shipped from here.

The price is 1,200 EUR (one thousand and two hundreds euro). I will ship it to you for free with DHL. I asked them the other day and it seems that this will have to be shipped by truck. They won’t ship this on the plane because of the dimension of the box, that’s why I’m selling this for Europeans only. (sorry for that!) The payment method is PayPal but it can also be money transfer if you’d prefer that.

Everything is included like original. (Incl. the original box, the bag, remote, usb cable, charger, 1 battery) The warranty is still valid for another 10 months I think. I bought this on Ebay on 05.May.2017 from shop ‘intertwined.shopping’ in USA which has sold more than 49,000+ items already. I can help communicate with the seller in case you would need to send for repair in the future, but right now the condition is relatively new and I keep the board charged all the time so there should not be any problem any time soon, but of course it’s gonna depend on how you’re going to use it.

You might be more succesfull if you offer it on Evolve forums, there are more ppl looking for a pre-build board…

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Thanks for the tip! I actually just posted it there as well. :slight_smile:

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