[EU] Fucked by police / need help by calculating max speed

Guys need your help quickly!

Got fucked by police in Munich. They took my board with them.

ERPM 10.000 with 97mm wheels is how much km/h?


Should be around 20kmh. I think. That’s really bad. I am sorry man.

are u shure? 47.000 is around 40km/h

I guess it’s 8.?? km/h.

Got to know gearing right…?


Doesn’t it depends on the gearing too? https://calc.3dservisas.eu/?Pc8xC8IwEAXg_5JZJGmTal1T6aQECnbXDBUMDXQU_7v3Xozbd5fLO-6t7n5RJ_V65lXtpLhK0e4P4s1PYtOSQWgpjwGtNYsBlXHFmGlKn5lGmJHRAJh05V8OU30Oob4zqnUkmh35D3osfKfOoqMmb_hu4eR_SYnhPXthhS2JC8r-5NnGcJw3YY9743ipx8RxxrIOxDIJ-3wB

With this gearing it should be around 10km/h

Anyways… A 15/36 gearing would give a top speed around 10 km/h

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True I went streight with my 1:1 ratio :grin: You need the gearing too

15/40 is my gearing…

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Then yes sub 10kmh, like 8.5kmh. Would that matters for the law? I don’t j ow the situation in Germany. Which board?

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We have a 6km/h max in Germany… but there is a law upcoming to 20km/h.

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Haya board (I LOVE MY HAYA!!!)

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Noooooo! And now you have to pay a fine to get it back?

not sure…

I came to 2.7km/h

97mm*3.14 = 304mm

10.000 u/m / 7 pole pairs = 1428,57 u/min

1428,57 u/m * (15/40 gearing) = 535,71 u/min

535,71 u/min * 0,304m = 162 m/min

162m/min / 60 = 2,7 km/h?

Just use the Esk8 calculator and see the top erpm and top speed. Then do the ratio

Like I did already before? :tipping_hand_man: https://calc.3dservisas.eu/?Pc-9CsIwFAXgd8kskjSJWtconZRAwe6aoYKhgY7iu3vPiXH77k9OuG91D7M6qtezLGojxVUKu92L1zCKjSWj0FEBC1prFidUxldjp6t9ZhphQUYHYNPXdyWObRxjmzPKehLNHfkPesycU2fRQZM3PHdwDr-kzPCevbjAjsQF9f8c2MZymlZhj3vTcGnHpGHiNojPJOzzBQ== :sweat_smile:


Typical, instead of hunting down thiefs, killers and rapists they bother normal citizens for doing harmless stuff…

You go to them and show them how slow it is, with police mode on feather remote of yours xD


But Stefan already has a huge topic mentioning this sneaky function multiple times…

No… the speed is 2.7 km\h. Set in the VESC. Think about it. :grimacing:

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Thst what you told me :grin:

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Why would you ride your sk8 at 3kmh? :open_mouth: And why cops would pull you for 3kmh?!