[EU] Garage Sale - All Unused Parts from Dual Haggy Project

I’ll add more details and photos to this when I get the time tomorrow, but I thought I might as well start putting up the details anyway.

Everything is totally new and unused, from a project I unfortunately didn’t have the time to work on.

Bestech 10s BMS with e-Switch - £45 LINK - Is the high-current charge/discharge BMS.

Flipsky Dual 4.20 Plus Vesc - £130 (with warranty) SOLD

Bergmeister Wheels (Red Aluminium) + Tyres/Tubes + Pulleys & Belts - £170

Haggy Drive System Kahua Trucks + Motor Mounts - £110 (Rather sell as a set with the Bergmeisters, as they go together so well).

Restless Mantis Bali 33" Deck - £80 Link

2x 6374 170kv Sensored Motors - £70 (would prefer to sell as a pair). SOLD

Happy to post within the EU, shipping costs will obviously depend where you are. Everything will be sent Tracked + Insured.

Let me know if you have any interest :slight_smile:

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I want trucks ,wheels and the drives dibs

Sure thing haha, I’m still in the process of getting all the bits sorted so let me get it together and checked before I take any payments. Wasn’t expecting things to sell so fast lmao. You have dibs on all the Haggy/Berg stuff for sure.

Interested in motors, BMS, ESC. Do you have pics?

there are no drives, these are mounts

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Damn my mistake I thought the price sounded good. I’m out. I take all my dibs back.

They are great mounts made specifically & exactingly for these trucks, gear drives will cost a lot more, if your budget says mounts this is a great & keenly priced package, @Riako is using and has shared some nice 3D mods

I don’t, but can easily do some, and will do this evening now that I’m home from work. Watch this space.

Added photos of BMS and VESC.

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And motors pics please :slight_smile:

I haven’t had a chance to take the motors off the mounts yet (I’d loosely fitted them to test for clearances), but I have added some photos for now anyway. Shows some of the other bits and pieces a little bit as well, such as the mounts and pulleys.

I’ll offer you 150£ for ESC+bms, excluding postage

Im interested in the VESC too, but its priced at pretty much 100% cost from flipsky, but without a warranty which I feel is pretty needed for a Flipsky product

Price for BMS + motors shipped to Belgium?

I mean I don’t see why warranty would be an issue, it’s a new item with a receipt of sale from Flipsky. If they honour their warranty’s in general they should still honour this one if it doesnt work. That’s why I’m listing it at nearly full price - it’s a brand new item.

Too low sorry. I might drop the price a little bit for people buying multiple items, but I can’t afford to take a 30% loss really.

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I’ve tweaked some of the prices a bit. Also wanting to point out that these items are not only unused, but some are also only about 1 month into their 12-month warranties.

One last price drop.

You still have the bergmiester wheels?

My offer still stands