(EU|GER) 3D printing job mold for carbon enclosure Loaded Vanguard

Hi there! I’m looking for someone who can 3D print a mold for me. I’m going to build a carbon enclosure for my Loaded Vanguard but I’m having some trouble making a mold. I made one out of mdf wood, but its really hard to get the concave shape of the vanguard. Maybe a 3D printed mold is easier to produce. Unfortunately I don’t own a 3D printer.

I’m thinking of something like this:

Of course Ill pay for the material and work you need to invest.

Where are you located?

Check Out @whitepony’s Threads - He built a press for vanguard like decks

Near Dortmund, Germany.

You could try using a different material for your plug. I want to try to use some craft foam so it is easier to shape. You could put some grip tape on the bottom of the deck and gently rub the foam on it to get the concave. Then remove the grip tape and finishing shaping the plug. After it is shaped and hotglued to the deck (along with a barrier over the deck itself) seal it with layers of surfacing epoxy to give it a gloss finish and reinforce the foam enough to handle the strains of vaccum bagging to make the mold.

Well, that’s what I’m going to try at least when all my stuff comes in from Composite Envisions next week. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Your just making it expensive and complicated.

A pencil and a belt sander is all you need. And a popsicle stick or something to help mark it.

Lemme take a picture brb.

I used a piece of square chopstick.


Here’s another way

But yeah cutting thin plywood to follow the deck profile seems the easiest way. Make the first one a bit over tall, use it to make like 2 more, then cut them all to height and make a box around them.

There’s lots of simple cheap stuff you can try. Make a rough box, then paper mache or clay that bakes hard. Drywall compound or bondo to fill the imperfections, then sand.