(EU/GER) -Spot welding service- I can build your custom battery!

Hi there!

After building my own battery and a few for my friends with my DIY spotwelder I thought I have some spare time at the moment maybe I can help some of you guys who don´t have access to a spotwelder.

I´m using high quality hilumin band / nickel stripes (10mm x 0,15mm) from a German seller because I had really good results with it. For example in a 10s4p battery build I use 4 layers of nickel stripes so there will be no soldering near the cells.

More details can be discussed per PM.

Enclosed some impressions of the building process.


Hey that sounds awesome, but where exactly in germany ?

Nice work btw


I´m near Dortmund!

Greetings Linus

I’m sure everyone will have these questions.

Can you talk about the type of strip used, resistance, ampacity, heat, etc?

Do you provide cells? Do people mail you cells?

Do you offer the add-ons like BMS, charger, fuse, antispark switch?

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I´m only using those nickel stripes! (https://www.linergy-shop.de/de/Hilumin-Band-10mm-x-0-15mm--1m--zum-Loeten-und-Punktschweissen.html). Actually I can´t tell something about resistance and ampacity, I need to check it but I can tell that heat isn’t a problem and that the used stripes work perfectly in my previous builds (all 10s4p).

I have 40 unused Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mAh - 15A from nkon.nl which I could use for a build but normally I would prefer you guys send me the cells you want to use.

Sure add-ons are possible! I´m not an expert of BMS because I don’t use them in my builds. So if you want to use them I prefer to prepare the needed cables and you solder and especially choose your BMS by yourself.

how much would a copy of the space cell be? or 10s 3p thanks AJ

I believe Hilumin is nickle plated steel, isn’t it?

Sorry for my late reply. My used Hilumin is >99,5% pure nickle!

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And here are recent builds I did.

First a 10s5p and 10s4p for an eBike!

And a 12s4p for ACIN!

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Hallo der Stefan hier ich wollte mal fragen was mich ein 10S3P akkupack zum schweißen kostet ! Wenn ich dir meine 30 Sony VTC6 18650 Cellen schicke !!

Hello My Name is Stefan from Nürnberg Please tell me what is the price for welding my 30 Sony VCT6 18650 Cells when I send it to you !! Greetings

@StefanK1978 PM!

are you still doing this? might be interested!

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Sure! PM me for details!