[EU] Got a spare JST PH 6Pin or XT30?

Does anyone have a single jst PH connector that I can use to connect sensor wires to my Focbox? I could also use a single male XT30

I’d order them from a shop but with individual items shipping is usually a killer and I don’t need a bag of each with like 10 of them.

If you have one lying around that can you put in a letter envelope that would help me out. Thanks!

I got you covered with jst connector. Not sure about the xt30. Can check today

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Germany? I have some jst‘s left

Yeah Germany. If you have one and are willing to send it to me that would be great. @L3chef you are from UK right? Inner-country is probably easier than international. Thank you both for the help!

He is from Finland :slight_smile:

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Send me your adress via PM

PM sent! :slight_smile:

Finland. Np !

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