EU- Green Caliber II & Enertion Caliber II Clone

Per set of trucks

Clones - SOLD True Caliber IIs - 30 euros

Shipping not included


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Clones are probably made out of weaker metal alloy…trucks don’t seem like something to cheap out on.

Erm those shouldn’t break… Never seen enertion clones break before

That’s cute…No. They work just as well as calibers no quality reduction. This was early in Enertions building that Jason sold these, back when he was still a one man gig. Enertions wouldn’t be were it is if the first thing is sold broke.

No need to troll the thread dude.

They are used trucks. Axels staight as an arrow and, they have ridden great and only 15 euros

Ok, sorry. I just have caliber trucks and felt offended. lol

i would like to buy the caliber trucks how much shipping to nl?