EU - Group buy VESC-X

I´m wondering if there is enought interest for Vesc X in Europe?! If so I´ll work something out with @onloop.

Here´s the price table at the moment: Buy 4 - 10 and pay only €122.40 each Buy 11 - 20 and pay only €118.82 each Buy 21 - 30 and pay only €115.96 each Buy 31 - 40 and pay only €112.38 each Buy 41 - 50 and pay only €104.51 each Buy 51 or above and pay only €84.46 each

So let me know if you want a few :monkey:

I´m in with 2!

EDIT: I´m out for them, there was not enough interest and I´m going to buy somewhere else. If you´re still interested, maybe there is someone else who is willing to buy them! :slight_smile:

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How is the warranty with FOC?

Also: My wallet does not appreciate you doing this :wink:


Yah I know! Mine is bleeding too, but hey, let´s bleed together :monkey:

Warranty only if you buy it additionally.

what about taxes and shipping?

When importing to Eu you will get a massive bill for import.

we´ll have to pay import taxes and shipping depending on how much we´re going to order.

oh I thought enertion would take care of EU taxes and would have to provide standard EU warranty. In this case I am out - at least the wallet is happy

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Tempting but already threw down for 6.0. and have stupid supply of unused 12s torquboards that I need to reprogram and build up. Wallet is smoking.

Haaaa… it’s hard! #savethewallets

Im down to get 1. Bulk discounts ftw :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Account created I’d be in with 2 :wink:

Hey, unfortunately there was not enough interest, so I bought them somewhere else. But feel free to keep this thread going on to get a few people in and maybe someone wants to take the ordering part :slight_smile:

Hi, from where did you buy your VESC-X then? I am planning on buying the VESC-X from Enertion, however I live in Denmark, so the import and taxes are crazy high :slight_smile: Would be nice to do a GB…

Count me in

i would be in for one or two depending on price we get

Sounds exciting! I have never done a GB before, is there somekind of website that we can use to organise this? We could surely save a few coins on the import duty and the “handling-fees”.

At first we should ask prices from Enertion and see if there is enought interest. If we order bigger amount i think they can send them thru Belgium “warehouse” and we can save taxes.

You got prices in 1st post. First let’s get some more people and then you can negotiate prices if 29 days since start of this thread makes any difference.